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Abrasive blasting

SandblastingWhy do we use abrasive blasting?
Abrasive blasting gives the garment a naturally worn-in look. Since the 80’s this process has become more and more used as an after treatment of jeans. The technique was developed in Italy; especially the Marche region where many companies still working with this method.

What are the problems?
As with many processes that take place in the industry, the dangerous methods are the result of ignorance of how to use and apply it. The problems with abrasive blasting are the constant search for cheaper prices where safety is set aside, now recently in Turkey where 46 peoples died in silicosis. This is totally unacceptable and a very sad proof of company´s lack of responsibility.
When this treatment is carried out in the right environment with the correct equipment and sufficient ventilation, abrasive blasting is not harmful. It is actually one of the few after-treatments where there is no use of chemicals.

How can Nudie guarantee the safety?
At Nudie Jeans we have a long-term collaboration with the laundries that perform abrasive blasting on our denim. These laundries are situated in central Italy where numerous regulations, guarantee a safe process. We visit the laundries every week and have total insight of the process.

Our production units follow all these regulations and the process is semi- or fully automatized which is considered the best solution. Our biggest supplier, Tessiltex, uses the high technology of complete closed systems and with safety equipment as in picture above. The industrial substance used in the process is free of quartz. Due to the actions and reports regarding hazardous sand blasting, Nudie Jeans decided to make additional tests to verify the substance from external labs. In this way we can show in printing that the abrasive blasting can be harmless.

Abrasive blasting represents a very small part of our total production, less than 5%. Taking responsibility for our co-workers along the whole chain of production is an important issue for us as a company. We would immediately stop any dangerous operations linked to our production.

Karin Stenmar
CSR Manager

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