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Blodarnas Knivhus – Episode 1. Hot chocolate and jousting.

We always enjoy a great story. As long as it involves suspense, adventure and camaraderie we will listen good. The story we’re about to tell has all of those ingredients.

Blodarnas Knivhus

Episode 1

This is a story about two best friends. In younger years they pretty much did everything together. Once, while exploring the dark and mysterious woods not too far from home, one of the guys cut his hand carving a stick. There was blood. Right there and then, just out of sheer sympathy and compassion, his friend did the same. The two boys shook hands, just like they had seen in the movies, and became blood brothers. They chose to call themselves Blodarnas Knivhus, the most dangerous name two six-year-olds could come up with.

Blodarnas Knivhus does not translate very well to English, but it still lives on to this day. They are group of 5–10 people, anybody’s free to join them on their never ending treasure hunt.

We love this initiative and since they all wear Nudie Jeans gear while doing what they do, we decided follow their adventures here on the blog.

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