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Like it or not, all jeans eventually wear out. It’s usually about that time when they feel just right and fit exactly the way you want them to. Then the crotch gets blown out and the left knee rips. The most natural reaction is to bury your favorites deep inside the closet and go into grief. But it doesn’t have to be like this anymore.

We’re really happy to announce that we will be adding a repair shop to our shop-in-shop at Illum. This all starts on the February 14th. Our repair program gives your favorite pair of Nudie Jeans a second chance at life. The highly skilled denim expert, Morten, at Illum will help you with all types of repairs. And the best part about it, you will not be charged you for it! The only requirement is that the label says Nudie Jeans Co. Because we care Ever since the beginning we’ve taken the environmental aspect real serious. We put in a lot of work to produce high-quality denim and we’ve realized that it is possible to produce fashion in an environmentally responsible way. But we continually strive for healthier and more sustainable consumption patterns. Our repair program fits right into what we believe to be the responsible thing to do. The program is labeled and certified as ”Good environmental choice” in Sweden. We strongly believe that repairing is caring. Not only about the jeans you love, but also the planet that we live on. We also think that worn out jeans are way cooler because they tell a story about you.

We’re proud of our product and when you buy a pair of Nudie jeans you can rest assured that we will do whatever it takes to extend the life of your favorite pair of Nudies. So, grab those worn-out Nudies and bring ’em to Illum! 

Fit Guide

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Production Guide

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