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#nudiejeans100 in Italy part 1

Two weeks ago we sent 22 people from all over the map to Italy to educate them on food, wine and of course denim. Eight winners from our #nudiejeans100 photo competition, three representatives from Solo Stores Sweden and a bunch of people from Nudie Jeans. This is part of their story.


Italy was in a really good mood when we touched down at the Falconara airport in Ancona. The sun shining down from clear blue skies; the outside temperature about 25 °C. We realized pretty quickly that we were going have four awesome days of food, wine and denim love.

On our first day we visited the Elegant factory, one of the factories we’ve been working with the longest. The lovely ladies had made cake – a lot of cake. So there was plenty of cake to go around.

Watching the production is a humbling experience. Real people putting in a lot of hard work to make the greatest jeans in the world. Before lunch we took a stroll “downtown” to meet some locals.

In every corner of the village there were people serving us food and wine. They really loved us and we stuffed ourselves to a point where we had to tell the people to go easy on us. Even though the food was probably eligible for all kinds of different awards. In Italy it is considered culture getting your drink on. Before lunch we all probably had at least one glass of wine.

Next stop: Lunch at small picturesque restaurant in the mountains. We kept eating and drinking and Michel fell in love with limoncello. After lunch some of us tried the swimming pool, others had some more limoncello and the rest of us remembered mama’s words about jumping into the water immediately after eating.

Later that night Christian married a deep-fried fish.

Want to experience a trip like this contact Ola Wiklander at Upplev Italien.

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