Pronto Denim Carnival 2013

Last weekend we went to Bangkok to participate in the Pronto Denim Carnival. It was a long trip with lots of stops. In just a few days we’ve seen Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok. At every stop we had festivities planned together with local retailers. And at every stop we received so much love and support from our friends. Here’s Bryce Alton with a recap of a great weekend in Bangkok:

The Pronto Denim Carnival is one of the greater fairs in Southeast Asia. What’s so great about it is that we get to sell directly to end-customers. We met a lot of great people with so much love for the brand and what we’re about. That is one humbling experience.

We arrived at 9 am via Tuk Tuk to set up our booth. We’d planned for this event for over six months, and we were of course really proud to present two exclusive dry options for our fans at this event. An Organic Dry Selvage Thin Finn with orange thread back pocket embo, and of course, 30 pairs of Pima Selvage Grim Tims. We also had a special Nudie Jeans tote bag with us for this event.

But we didn’t just focus on denim, we also added an element of sports and had a ping pong tournament going all day, where people had to challenge us for their chance to win a pair of Nudie Jeans. But since we’re all in love with denim we took to the stage and invited fans up to judge The Best Worn-In pair. There were so many great fans there who were so appreciative for the prizes and the games.

We truly love Bangkok and really look forward to returning. This weekend will be remembered forever.

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