I brought with me a pair of Nudie Jeans,  dry selvage, to the sea. It’s denim from Japan dyed in pure indigo from the plant indigofera. I just wanted to see what would happen to the jeans if I dip them in to salt seawater several times and let the wind and sun beat them. The jeans were never used and they have been hanging outside for almost two years. The wind has been hard on this small island with snowstorms and even the sea turned into ice. It was harder than ever. Sometimes I wonder if our country was meant to live in, this year it was like living in a freezer box. The result was interesting as the jeans got bleached by the sun at the top and crinkled by the wind, but nothing to write home about, as they did not get the beauty I was hoping for. The missing part was the movements from a human body. If someone would have been wearing the jeans instead, spending time outside in rain, snow, ice and sunshine, moving and living, this would have been the most fantastic result of a salt seawater and hard weather project.

The movements by a human being combined with the indigo and denim fabric is still the cooperation to make the unique and beautiful storytelling jeans. I think this has a lot to tell me and maybe to all of us. Life without challenging ourselves from the outside does not give the shades of life.

In a period of life I was religious and I believed in the hope to find the light or the truth and I tried to follow the way of looking at life as black and white, god or bad. But I found out

That breaking into a pair of dry denim is a metaphor in life, its by using them for daily life and challenging the fabric for outside rough weather the shades get more natural and for real and that breakings can be repaired.

The first small production of Nudie jeans was 2000 pair of dry denim, flare Glenn and slim Jim, We invested all our saved money we had at that time to fulfill a dream, to start something new. There was no byers yet and we was just to visit our first fare in Copenhagen when we realized that the fit was not as it was approved, it was to tight and something wrong in the pattern, that night Joakim read a book for me, something about a lion and a frog a story for children as a try to calm down as it was rough weather inside and outside our life. At that time we did not know that one byer, Solo in Sweden would buy all of it and it sold out in a few days. Thank you solo we will always love you for that. And thank you, who ever you are, who bought the very first pair of our jeans 2001 in Stockholm or Gothenburg.

Before me and Joakim started this Nudie jeans brand we had a small shop called MOMS, we sold selected second hand garments. The name was the Swedish name for taxes and the short name for “ Mindre Och Mindre Semester” in English that would be “Less and Less vacation” and we did not realize by then how true this would become in our life the next coming years, but we also learned that life has shades also from dark to light and how true the words in Leonard Cohen’s song anthem is “there is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in”.

For me there is not just God or Bad anymore, I learned that life is full of shadow lands and shades, even cracks and repairs, just like breaking into your dry denim.

Joakim, together with you it all started and I will always love you. Thanks for reading me that book about the big lion and the little frogJ

Today I listen to Mumford & Sons and the song “ after the storm” from the album Sigh No More.


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