Sled Island Day 3

Sled Island is all about stamina. When you go to a multi-day/multi-venue music festival, by the third day you have to dig deep inside yourself to channel your party stamina if you’re gonna make it and I dug pretty deep on Saturday afternoon to make it out to the main stage site at Olympic Plaza on this beautiful sunny afternoon.

At Olympic Plaza was a highly revered nostalgia act of sorts, Spiritualized. The English space rock band had a lot of dad vibes going on. But even with frontman Jason Pierce sitting down for the entire performance, the band took festivalgoers from the beer gardens to outer space and back again. Space is the place, indeed.

One of the biggest and most anticipated acts of Sled Island was easily St. Vincent and this became more than apparent as we walked up to Flames Central. With a lineup going down the entire block I was sure we weren’t going to get in. To call Annie Clark (AKA St. Vincent) a musician wouldn’t even be accurate. She is a higher being that takes performance art and music to dizzying new heights.

St. Vincent was an absolute festival highlight and the perfect way to end our weekend. I went home that night feeling satisfied knowing that Sled Island survived the flood of 2013 and remains one of the best music festivals in North America. If you haven’t been before, I would strongly urge you to add this to your list of things to do next summer — rain or shine. See you then!

Photo and words: Glenn Alderson

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