Ten years anniversary party but no time to party... yet

Ten is the paradigm of creation. A decade contains all numbers and so all things and all possibilities. Ten is the number of a completed journey and the return. The perfect Ten is also the start of something new. We started Nudie Jeans 10 years ago. There are so many people to thank for this journey and too many stories to share. For example Christina in Italy And Ana-Maria in Portugal, I met Christina in Paris the first time. Our first production did not go well and we needed a new supplier to work with and we also needed production control. The first years we talked several times a day how to be creative in difficult situations. Either the fabric was late, the laundry where fully booked, the black denim turned out brown or the fabric lost all stretch ability or the washing result came out to dark. She introduced us to the suppliers we still work with today in Italy and today she have a team of six people doing only production control for us. I like working with people I trust and share the same vision for social responsibility and environmental sustainability. My old friends like David at Candiani and Alfredo at Itac helped us and without them this could have been something else. Jonas Linell is our photographer that we also worked with for ten years, we first meet when he was shooting rock bands in Sweden, bands like Joakims band “speed of sound” and we introduced him into the denim world. Denim and music have a lot more in common than fashion and denim. Some of our denim suppliers we also still work with and in 2005 we invited all our denim mills, laundry’s and factory’s to our kick-off. On stage we wanted all our partners to explain their vision for the future regarding sustainable and social responsibility. Today all of them are certified and working hard in this direction. I’m proud of working with passionate people in this industry. Thank you! As we are moving into the new office there will be space to invite everyone that has been our “backbone” over the years. We will celebrate this before 10 turns into 11. We hope that these ten years is the beginning of something new and believe that the future holds endless possibilities. We want to explore our origin and simplify the obvious. Our ambition as a brand is to create sustainable products that will last. Both when it comes to quality as well as a timeless design. We would like to go even more transparent in our communication on the upcoming website, to show you our challenges in terms of problems and possibility’s.

This week we are busy with all preparations for our kick-off 2012, rebuilding our Nudie Jeans store in Gothenburg and having birthday party in Stockholm store and there is not much time to update the blog but lets party soon; let’s keep in touch soon. See you Soon again!! I say thank you for this “hi-jack” days… take care out there! Today I listen to the song “ Someday Some Morning Sometime” by Billy Bragg and Wilco from the album Mermaid Avenue And the most beautiful one is “ songs for the Angels” by great Lake Swimmers. Love, Maria


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