Nudie Jeans Khakis – Swedish Origins

Nudie Jeans Khakis come in four different fits.

Nudie Jeans Khakis – Swedish Origins

ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, khakis and jeans are two branches of the same tree. Back in the day when sailors began sewing their own “jeans” from sailcloth, khaki was the dominating shade. Over the years, these pants developed into what we know today as jeans.

Nudie Jeans Khakis originate from a small archipelago island on the west coast of Sweden. Some 200 years ago, this island was a lively place where weather-beaten fishermen sailed out in their black cutters for long periods on the North Atlantic.

The extensive availability of herring during the 1700s–1800s helped this part of the country flourish. Exports increased, and comparisons were made with the gold rush in North America. The term “Swedish Klondike” was coined.

Sail makers and textile producers began establishing in the area to provide the fishermen with the equipment and clothes they needed.

Their work provided the basis and inspiration for Nudie Jeans Khakis.

We have combined the traditionally used materials with fabrics from our denim suppliers. The fits are built on our jeans silhouettes.

The TIGHT FIT is based on Tight Long John. It is made in fabrics with sailcloth features that give a cool silhouette.

The SLIM FIT is based on Thin Finn but with narrower leg opening and a longer rise.

The REGULAR FIT is based on our new fit Hank Ray with a high rise and a straight leg. Wear it low, hanging on the hip.

The STRAIGHT FIT springs from the cut of classic dungarees. It reminds you of the kind of simple and straight cut that the sailors used to wear. It’s dyed in indigo and tie together the Swedish fisherman and worker history with today’s denim culture. 

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Fit Guide

From tight to loose. Here are the Nudie Jeans fits. Spin them around and compare look and measurements. Visit Fit Guide

Nudie Fit Guide

Your jeans go
where you go.
They live your lifestyle.
They get abrasions
and scars.
And they bleed.
Just like you.

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