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Where is Nudie Jeans from?

Where does Nudie Jeans come from?

Nudie Jeans is from Gothenburg, Sweden!

Nudie Jeans for women

Do you make jeans for women?

– We try to have a wide range of fits so that everyone can get what they're looking for. Some fits are more popular with women like Tight Long John, Thin Finn, High Kai, and Tube Kelly.

Biggest size?

What sizes do Nudie Jeans go up to?

– The biggest size we produce is W38/L36.

Where is Nudie Jeans produced?

Where do you guys make your jeans?

We have a Production Guide on our website which shows where all garments are produced -

Where do I find fit X in wash X?

I'm looking for a pair of jeans in specific style & size. Does anyone sell them in my area?

– Please check the Store Locator on this site or contact the distributor in your country. Please try to be as specific as possible. Style, Wash size and so on.


Who shall I contact if my nudies doesn't live up to the expectations?

– When it comes to complaints you should always contact the store where you bought them. Don't forget to bring your receipt or a transaction record from your bank.

I can't find my favourite fit

I'm looking for a pair of Nudie Jeans but my retailer doesn't stock them.

– Contact the distributor for your country and they'll tell you if it's possible to purchase them there.

To wash or not to wash

I bought a pair of Superbleach 'Grim Tim's'. Since it's superbleach will the 6 months trick do anything?

– No need to wait with the washing, they have already been washed in production!

Nudie Jeans Online

Where can I find your jeans on the internet?

– Please check the storefinder to find one in your area, or go to

Fit Guide

From tight to loose. Here are the Nudie Jeans fits. Spin them around and compare look and measurements. Visit Fit Guide

Nudie Fit Guide

Your jeans go
where you go.
They live your lifestyle.
They get abrasions
and scars.
And they bleed.
Just like you.

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