Round Neck T-Shirt Empowerment #1 Offwhite
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Round Neck T-Shirt
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During the spring of 2012, we challenged everyone in the world to become a t-shirt print designer. The contestants were to make a print that illustrated the word “EMPOWERMENT” and a short text about it:


”Take a little bit of nothing andmake a whole lot of something! With my drawing I want to illustrate how one thought, voice or initiative can make a difference. The eye or the seed, represent one persons mind budding, inspiring. Coming together with others these spiring ideas will eventually blossom and make way for real change.”
/Mimmi Andersson


A jury with members from Amnesty International and Nudie Jeans selected the eight winning entries.
10 euro per t-shirt is going straight to Amnesty international to support their work.

Read more about The Empowerment Challenge by Nudie Jeans for the Benefit of Amnesty International.


- Edwin is 180cm and wears a medium.

  • Amnesty international
  • Limited edition
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