Dirty Realism

The Nudie Jeans Fall 2014 Collection

Who illustrated the dark side of everyday life better than the late Charles Bukowski? His prose and poetry reflected the pure and honest, undistorted reality.

The inspiration for this collection comes from his 1971 masterpiece, Post Office, in which he portrays the menial work of the mail carrier. Hard, analog work, sorting and distributing mail, toiling away, with thoughts of a better future, or the lack of it, as company.

Bukowski might not have agreed, but the work of the mail carrier is important. Bringing news of happiness and despair. To us, the handwritten letter illustrates the pure and honest. It took time write, was read over and over, and the recipient took time to answer it. We live in a throwaway society, but back in the day, things were given time to develop into something that was worth taking care of.

The garments in this collection should be cared for the same way. Timeless, quality pieces to wear over and over; be repaired when they need it, and be passed on, to tell their story. Stories about our lives, engraved in the fabric like handwritten letters.

This collection is full of leather, heavy canvas and wool. Garments that will withstand the wear and tear of our everyday life – the toils of the everyday hobo.

We also feature beautifully worn in denim to tie it all together and make it even more cohesive.

Nino in Guthrie Wool Coat
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Vladimir Neps Olive

Cosy and warm, regular
fit sweater with a
fading effect. BUY

Wool Coat Black

A beautiful wool/polyester blend vagabond’s coat. Also available in grey. BUY

Grim Tim Black Ring

Dry black, soft and flat denim fabric with evident ring effects. BUY
Product image for Grim Tim


Black / Grey / Green


Black / Grey / Green / Blue


Blue / Brown

Product image for Tjalle Leather Pile Jacket

Tjalle Leather Pile Jacket

Classic pilot jacket made from cow leather. Detachable faux fur collar and antique silver trims. BUY

Product image for Nicholson Scarf

Nicholson Scarf


Product image for Robsson Wallet

Robsson Wallet


Product image for Skinny Sam

Skinny Sam

Navy Lightning BUY

Product image for Thin Finn

Thin Finn

Dusk Indigo BUY

Product image for High Kai

High Kai

Black Used BUY

Product image for Tube Tom

Tube Tom

Gloom Blue BUY

Product image for Vladimir


It’s getting colder, time to start thinking about wool sweaters. Vladimir is back, and available in three new colors.

Navy / Olive / Grey

Product image for Gunnar Twill Check


Twill Check BUY

Product image for Ben Round Neck Navy

Ben Round Neck

Navy BUY

Product image for Ben Round Neck

Ben Round Neck

Special Rib BUY

Product image for Gunnar Raindenim


Deep Dark RaindenimBUY

Product image for Cansson Cap


Coated Cap BrownBUY

Product image for Fillesson Wallet

Fillesson Wallet

Swong Stitch CognacBUY

Product image for Scruff Bag

Scruff Bag

Old Crust Dark Brown BUY

Product image for Hirstsson suspenders


Suspenders Natural BUY

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