New Arrivals at the Nudie Jeans Online Shop

We’re stacking up on new arrivals. Here’s a little taste of what you’ll be wearing this spring.

New Arrivals at the Nudie Jeans Online Shop

Slowly but surely we are moving towards spring, and we're stacking up on some brand spanking new arrivals . Light denim, brighter colors and lighter garments. Head over to the Online Shop and get yourself ready for spring!

Brook Reversible Jacket
A two-in-one, reversible varsity jacket. Yes, you get two jackets for the price of one. One rust colored with off-white sleeves and the other side is all black. Flip it and reverse it!

High Kai Navy Falls
This wash resembles what our dry, indigo denim would look like after a year of everyday wearing and moderate washing.

Tight Long John Indigo Vision
A classic, first-step worn-in, Nudie Jeans staple wash. Authentic abrasions and scrapings at the right places. 

Byron Bowling Shirt
Set the pins and get ready to roll! Byron is a classic bowling shirt with a smart pocket on the side, it’s made in loose weave jacquard.

Conny Night Rain
It’s still cold outside, so you should wear your denim jacket under another jacket. Double denim is smart and looks just as smart.

Thin Finn Tender Blues
Yes, spring is all about embracing the light. This goes both for the light that the sun brings and the denim you put on.

Grim Tim Foggy Dust
We love the classic, washed denim. Mid-used with subtle wear. Simply put, a great Nudie Jeans wash.


Berry "Sanningen"
We cut the arms off our Perry denim jacket and printed the Swedish word for “the truth” on the back. Can you handle the truth?

Roundneck T-Shirt Brut Indigo
T-shirts! We got t-shirts! And they’re all made from soft, organic cotton. Brut Indigo is French for Raw Indigo.

Vladimir Structure Dark Blue
Layer up, because it’s still a little cold. It’s soft, but yet heavy and there’s a chunky, slubby feeling to the yarns.

Grim Tim Crosshatch Worn In
A truly dynamic wash with an indigo spectrum that range from really dark to light. Another Nudie Jeans staple wash.

Steady Eddie 16 Months
Like the name implies, this wash is made to resemble 16 months of wear and 3 washes. And we admit, the result is spectacular.

Waysson Wallet Foldable
Denim and leather

Ropesson Key Strap
Braided leather
Monty Five Panel
Recycled denim cap


Brighter Days Call for Lighter Denim

Still a few more weeks before we can officially call it spring, but we’re beginning to see its blossoms at the Online Shop.


We’re stocking up on lighter denim over at the Online Shop . Pre-washed jeans that’ll make you realize that the fairest of seasons is soon upon us. Head over and feel the sunshine on your face.


Long gone favorites are back on the shelves . Head over and grab them before they’re gone again!


In Case You've Missed it... The Sale is Still on

Things are moving out fast. If you haven’t checked out the sale, now is the time to do it!

In case you've missed it... The Sale is still on 30%

Here’s some of the gems currently on sale at 30% at the Nudie Jeans Online Shop. Selvage denim jackets and coats, accessories, shirts, dry and pre-washed denim, and lots more. Here today, gone tomorrow, as the saying goes. Head over and grab your favorites before they’re gone for good.


Fredrik Selvage Coat
Fredrik is made with 11.5 oz. organic selvage denim, and is cut to get the most out of the the selvage, a precise work of handcrafted cuts.

Conny Steel Blues
Spring is around the corner and there’s no way you’ll break in a denim jacket in just three months. With this pre-washed Conny, you’ll be ready when spring arrives.

Sonny Dry Clean Selvage
This selvage denim jacket will take you some time break in, but it’s definitely something you’ll want to pass on to your children. It’s also the perfect companion to our jeans.


Hubert Denim Peacoat
This peacoat is made with organic denim and Melton wool mix. The fit is updated, yet very classic. When the cold winds of Göteborg blows, put the collar up.



The Online Shop Sale Continues!

There's still have heaps of select seasonal items on sale. Head over to the Online Shop and find your favorites at 30% off!

HEADER_the sale continues1

Welcome to the new year! We still need to make room for the Spring 2015 Collection, and therefore offer select seasonal items at 30% off . Visit the Nudie Jeans Online Shop and find your favorites at bargain prices. 

Also, check out the New Arrivals , lighter denim for brighter days!


The Sale Continues – Thank You For 2014!

2015 is around the corner, but we just want to say thank you for making 2014 so great!

Happy New Year HEADER

2014 has come to an end, and it's been a great year, and we have you to thank for it. We just wanted to say thank you and remind you that the sale is still going on over at the Online Shop . 30% off on select seasonal items. So, head over and check it out! And once again, thank you for a great 2014. We got big plans for 2015, and we will see you there and then. Happy New Year!

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