The Nudie Jeans Summer 2014 Collection

The most conceptual Nudie Jeans Collection to date. And a great one at that.

Detroit was the inspiration. Its impact on history and pop culture is inevitable. Sharp black, bright white and smoky grey with red in-between is the temperament and tensed nerve that is the grim reality of the industrial city. Tight and slim silhouettes contrasted with oversized tops form the perfect outfit for backstreet venues. Artists, characters and personalities raised on Detroit’s scenes are the inspiration for the Nudie Jeans Summer 2014 Collection .


Something for the Weekend

Caution! The contents of this message may cause some serious rubbernecking.

It’s only Tuesday, but we’re already looking forward to the weekend. We’ve assembled two kits that will turn some heads when you walk down the streets of your town.


Perry Flat Crinkles No matter what you’ve been told, double denim is always right.

Wayne Belt Keep your pants on. A slim belt made from smooth Italian saddle leather.

Stanley Linen Check Keep calm and wear linen. Stanley is a soft, cool linen shirt for the warm days ahead of us.

Sweatshirt Clean Greymelange Everybody should own at least one good sweatshirt. This one is made from soft, organic cotton. Less details for a nice, clean-cut look.

Grim Tim Dry Selvage A pair of drys don’t tell no lies. Your jeans tells a story, and the longer you wear them, the more beautiful they get. These Grim Tims have been worn for 20 odd months and only seen the inside of a washer twice.


Ervin 50´s Leather  A classic cut 50´s leather jacket. Deep cognac colored leather with beautiful texture and patina.

Ace Dry Selvage A short, narrow, light-weight selvage denim shirt with great break-in possibilities.

Eino Broken Selvage A tight fitting 19th Century vest made in a selvage hemp/cotton mix with selvage details inside the front pocket.

Thin Finn Back 2 Black Our new Thin Finn Back 2 Black has a layer of coating on top of the fabric. They will fade beautifully, and once broken in, they get a raw look with sharp contrasts and a matte finish.

Canvasbag Pocket Stitch Never judge a book by the cover, but always appreciate a traveller with nice luggage. Safe travels, dear friends!


Black Coated Denim is Back!

Thin Finn Back 2 Black makes the world a little shinier.

We're bringing Black Coated Denim back to light

There’s a new black coated option available for all you lovers of shiny, black denim. Our new Thin Finn Back 2 Black has a layer of coating on top of the fabric. Wear them every day for at least six months before you wash them and you will be rewarded. They will fade beautifully, and once broken in, they get a raw look with sharp contrasts and a matte finish.

Thin Finn Back 2 Black

Thin Finn Back 2 Black has black threads all over and gunmetal trims. When you wear them and wash them, the coating will fade but will be visible where you create wear and tear.

Nudie Jeans Repair Shop Jakobsbergsgatan Stockholm
On March 27th, at 1100 hours, Sweden time, we gently opened the door to our new Repair Shop at Jakobsbergsgatan 11 in Stockholm. This is our second Repair Shop in our fair capital and we are really happy to be up and running.

Skinny Lin Khakis Accessories


Introducing Skinny Lin

The wait is over! Another great unisex fit from Nudie Jeans.

Skinny Lin - new tight fit from Nudie Jeans

People have been asking us why we don’t carry any fits for women. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t carry any fits for men either. All our fits are unisex, and historically, jeans always have been. It’s not up to us to decide what people can and can’t wear, and we won’t this time either. Therefore we introduce yet another great unisex fit.Skinny Lin is a super tight fit with a waistband that’s higher at the back and lower in the front. This is something that will appeal to women, but to most men who like to sport a tight fit as well.

Skinny Lin Organic Black Black

Skinny Lin Organic Black Black Today it’s a wardrobe staple, but in the 50’s it was all the rage. Black denim made the post war kids forget about cowboys and made them discover the opposite sex and fall in love with rock music. This is a black overdye on indigo denim. When it fades the indigo will appear and give the jeans a great midnight blue tone.

Skinny Lin Organic Twill Navy

Skinny Lin Organic Twill Navy This fabric has the feel of dry denim, but they have been rinsed to get the most out of the stretch. Six months of everyday use and your Twill Navy Skinny Lins will look like a piece of art.

Skinny Lin Organic Dry Steel Skinny Lin Spring Blue

Skinny Lin Organic Dry Steel Blueish-black, dry option that’s been rinsed to reach maximum stretchability.
Skinny Lin Organic Spring Blue A classic, spring-summery wash with a well-worn look and feel.

The Nudie Jeans Fit Guide

Not sure what fit you should go for? Use our handy Fit Guide to see all our fits and their measurements. Spin them around and compare them to one another.


Selvage Tailoring by Nudie Jeans

Beautiful tailored garments made with our favorite fabric.

With the release of our Spring 2014 Collection we coined the phrase Selvage Tailoring. We let the fabric dictate the terms to make the colorful edge of the fabric become a smart and natural detail of the garment. This was also a way for us to minimize spillage. Beautiful jackets, waistcoats, a vest and a kilt, made with our favorite fabric.

Fredrik Selvage Coat This tailor’s coat is made with 11.5 oz. organic selvage denim, and is cut to get the most out of the the selvage, a precise work of handcrafted cuts. The ticket pocket, the collar and collar stand, and a back slit features selvage.

Rufus Selvage JKT A loose, tailored denim dress jacket made with 8.3 oz. organic selvage denim that will break in beautifully. Selvage is featured more or less on all inner seams; the front ticket pocket, chest pocket, slit, facing, and collar.

If you’re not into selvage we have Fredrik and Rufus in non-selvage options. Both made with a cotton/linen mix fabric. Fredrik is available in a classic beige tone and Rufus is available in black.

Head over to our Online Shop and find more tailored garments and jeans made with selvage denim .

Last year Lucius took some time off their busy schedule to perform an exclusive in-store gig. On the 21st of November, Brooklyn’s finest took center stage at the Nudie Jeans Repair Shop Soho and gave the CCTV Sessions for the shop a great start.

Fit Guide

From tight to loose. Here are the Nudie Jeans fits. Spin them around and compare look and measurements. Visit Fit Guide

Nudie Fit Guide

Your jeans go
where you go.
They live your lifestyle.
They get abrasions
and scars.
And they bleed.
Just like you.

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