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New jackets, sweaters and tees, great denim plus free shipping!

The weekend is off to a flying start. Not only do have some new tees and sweaters, we have a few denim options to accompany them. Like that wasn’t enough, we do offer you free shipping on all Online Shop orders.

Perry Leather & Crust Jacket Black
Check it out! Our classic Perry just got updated. This time we decided that it’d be super if we made it with smooth goat leather. And we were right.
Steady Eddie Indigo Night
This one is all about structure. It has a great first-step worn-in look with an overall dusty look with beautiful scraping and abrasions.
Straight Alf Heavy Cross
Heavy crosshatch effects, coarse structure and a dust look. This relaxed, regular fit is made with 15.75 oz., organic Turkish denim.

LS T-Shirt Sketched Stripes
A plain, long-sleeve t-shirt, with a not so plain stripe. It’s printed with a marker pen stripe. Available with a Black and Red stripes.
Grim Tim Grey Worn
A classic Nudie Jeans mid-shade wash. This stretch fabric has a compact construction which makes it feel almost rigid.
Grim Tim 11 Month
This authentic wash is made to resemble our Grim Tim Black Ring after 11 months of everyday wear.
Grim Tim Dry Ring
The way we see it, six months, maybe more, of everyday use should be enough for this rigid option to tell some great stories.
Tube Tom Gloom Blue
Stretch denim with coarse structure and crosshatch effects.
Tube Tom Misty Indigo
This mid-shade wash has a smooth, cloudy, dusty tone and a dry hand-feel.
Dale Brownmelange 
Dale is a new knitted sweater made with nappy structure. To give it a little twist, sprinkled with hints of red, white and grey.
Vladimir Heavy Indigo
Vladimir is available in a new, indigo option. It’s made with Spanish solid yarn and it’s been washed to give it some contrast.
Tight Long John Pure Blue
A classic Nudie Jeans, mid-shade wash. Light denim in fall? Yes, of course, bring some light into this dark season.
Thin Finn Dusk Indigo
The surface is somewhat dry and papery, and the scrapings and abrasions gives this Thin Finn an authentic, well-worn look.


Denimopedia: Getting Jeans

Buying jeans is painful to some. We know denim and are friendly people so we put together a guid for all your denim purchasing needs. Come follow us!

Shopping for jeans might be a bit of a hassle. Some people might feel uneasy about putting their life in the hands of a salesperson who, most likely, will try to get you to buy a pair of jeans. You might not always know what to get, but coming prepared is never a bad thing. Do read the  little guide  we put toghether, on how you buy the best pair of jeans you’ve ever had. Hopefully, it’s a Pair of Nudie Jeans denim.

GETTING THE RIGHT FIT Fit is everything. You either want comfort or you want to look really smart, sometimes both. Our aim has always been to cover all bases in terms of fits. We got the super skinny, tight fits and slim fits made with stretch denim and the regular fits . Suffice it to say, there’s something for everyone. All our fits come in dry , black and pre-washed denim options. We also carry selvage denim options. And you guessed it, we do carry a great range of denim jackets to complement our jeans.
This might sound a bit condescending, but wearing your jeans right is really important. There are as many ways to carry your jeans as there are people wearing them. Pulling the denim up too much is never a problem, but wearing them low will most certainly lead to rips and blowouts. Pull them up! And do read the guide , there's some real helpful stuff in that one!


Sweater Season is Up – Get Comfy!

There’s a sweater for every occasion and we got them right here, waiting for you.


It’s not our fault that the temperature is dropping, but we do have a cure for it. Our range of sweaters rang from the classic college and hooded sweaters, to the fine knitted sweaters and cardigans. If you ever find yourself in a bit of a situation, we sure do have a sweater for it.

Ben Roll Neck Black
Keeping warm is no problem with roll neck sweater like this. A beard will help too.


Sorgard Zip Hood Dark Grey
Keep your hoods up! A soft, hooded sweatshirt with a zipper with Nudie Jeans chest print.


Vladimir Neps
It’s cold outside, best break out the wool sweaters. Vladimir is back and available in Navy , Grey and Olive .

Sammy Sweatshirt Greymelange
This is our version of the classic college sweatshirt. We have updated it with a special elbow patch.


Robert Cardigan
Knitted, six-button cardigan with a subtly knitted elbow patch that ends in a two-button cuff at the sleeve-end. Available in Grey and Brown .


Aron Full Cardigan Knit
Here’s a regular fit, cardigan knit sweater with raglan sleeve. The word cardigan has more to do with the way it's knitted than the actual cut of the sweater.


Sawyer Sweatshirt Overdyed 
This sweatshirt is overdyed and the dye at seams and folds is less fixed for some great wear-in effects. Available in Rust , Petrol and Anthracite .


Ben Round Neck Special Rib
Decorative and heavy. Ben is a regular fit sweater available in both Navy and Off-white .


Our range of Khakis is updated for the season at hand. Four new colors available: Golden Dye , Leaf Green , Dark Brown and Paloma Dust .


Replicas – Denim Based on Real Life Events

Original pieces worn in by someone, handcrafted by the experts. Loved by you.


Breaking in denim is an arduous task. It takes both time and effort to do it well. There’s also a little bit of chance and misfortune involved to make the end result perfect. We see spectacular denim every day and sometimes the result is so great that we have to ask our wash designers to reproduce these original pieces . Here they are.
Grim Tim Stone Mason Replica  Only a few pairs left – get them while they last!
We've updated our Backbone program . Made a few adjustments to make everyday simplicity even better.


Coated Denim Makes the World a Little Shinier

Coated Jeans and Denim Jackets. Get Back 2 Black.

We have a few great options for all you lovers of, shiny black denim . Our coated denim makes the world shinier. Not only will they fade beautifully, but once broken in, they get a raw look with sharp contrasts and a matte finish.

Fit Guide

From tight to loose. Here are the Nudie Jeans fits. Spin them around and compare look and measurements. Visit Fit Guide

Nudie Fit Guide
Nudie Production Guide

Production Guide

We take a great interest in where and how the Nudie Jeans collection is produced. See for yourself in the Production Guide

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