Shades of Denim

Black, dry, pre-washed or selvage denim? Let us be your guide in the denim jungle.


There can never be too much denim. Every now and then you get the feeling that a new set of jeans would be a great investment even though you got two or three pairs in rotation already. We're taking you back to back denim school, and hopefully you'll get some inspiration for your next set of jeans.

Black Denim
Without black jeans, the world would be a much duller place dwell. Today, a pair of black jeans is considered well-dressed, but to the rebels who keep questioning the state of things, who keep pushing to make this world a little better, it’s a mindset.

High Kai Black Black
Our classic black, stretch denim option. A deep indigo dye, over-dyed with black, so when you wear it and wash it, the indigo becomes visible where you develop wear and tear. This gives the fabric some great, blackish, almost petrol blue contrasts.

Grim Tim Dry Ring
All dry denim breaks in beautifully when you give it time to develop. This mid-weight, rigid fabric needs at least 6 months of hard use, before it turns into a second skin and tells your story. When you see the result you’ll know that it was well worth it.

Dry Denim
No matter what your jeans look like at this point, they started out as a piece of dry, deep indigo denim. For some it’s a hassle, and the reason their couch has shades of blue on it. For others and ourselves it’s the essence of denim and wearing jeans.

Pre-washed Denim
Breaking in denim is not for everyone. It’s time consuming and to some the idea of not washing is not appealing. Nudie Jeans is all about letting the denim tell a story, therefore we are glad to offer our customers a range of authentic, pre-washed denim options.

Thin Finn Grey Onyx
Grey and well-worn black denim is everywhere. This one has a grey weft which gives the denim a well-worn, blue-grey, almost dusty look. It’s has been washed pretty hard to get this strikey, luxurious, almost velour-like surface with a dry hand.

Selvage Denim
If you follow us on the regular you often come in contact with the term selvage. This refers to the self-bound edges of the selvage fabric. The fabric is weaved on old shuttle looms. It has a tighter and denser weave than other denim, which makes the fabric heavier and sturdier.

Grim Tim Dry Selvage
Our heritage, 13.5 oz. Kaihara selvage denim has been with us since 2001. A fabric with potential to become the greatest looking pair of jeans you ever put on, if you wear them for 6 months before washing. If you want denim with a unique. worn-in look, this is the only way to go.

The heavyweight, 18 oz. Steady Eddie is the latest addition to our family of selvage denim. This project is a close collaboration between Kaihara Mill in Japan and us. The Kaihara fabric is one of the reasons why Nudie Jeans exists as a brand. Every pair is numbered and comes in special box. Find out more about the project and get your 18 oz. Steady Eddies from the Online Shop .


Heavy knit, flannel and double denim

Fix up, look smart. Shopping made easy by your old pal Nudie Jeans.


Double denim all the way. Coupled with a cozy sweater and a great plaid flannel shirt you can't go wrong. The beard is great, but optional. Get the kit!

Jacket: Sonny Dry Clean Selvage

Sweater: Ben Round Neck Special Rib

Shirt: Gunnar Twill Check Indigo

Jeans: High Kai Black Black


Steady Eddie 18 oz. Dry Heavy Japan Selvage

Limited edition, heavy 18 oz. selvage denim; spun, woven and assembled in Japan.


When Maria Erixon, the co-founder and creative director of Nudie Jeans, first laid eyes and hand on the uneven selvage denim from Kaihara Mills, 13 years ago, she fell in love. This fabric is one of the reasons Nudie Jeans exists.

As a celebration of the genuine craftsmanship of high quality selvage denim we release this heavyweight masterpiece made in a limited run of 1000. Together with Kaihara Mills, we proudly present our heaviest denim option to date. An 18 oz. selvage denim option, spun, woven and manufactured by Kaihara Mills in Japan.
Each pair comes in a Unica box with a booklet that contains calligraphies and a poster, all wrapped in a tenugui especially made for this project. 

The Steady Eddie Dry Heavy Japan Selvage is now available at the Nudie Jeans Online Shop , and at your local Nudie Jeans Repair shop tomorrow.


Presenting Winter Essentials

If you don’t know how to tackle the season, look no further.


Once again we make it easy for you to dress properly, given the characteristics of the season. Two kits and some fresh, new denim – dry and pre-washed. And like always, you can either cherry-pick or get the complete look.

Hubert Peacoat
A peacoat with break-in potential, made in an organic denim-Melton wool mix. We uptadet the fit, yet we kept it very classic. 
Vladimir Neps Grey
It’s cold outside, best put that wool sweater on. Vladimir is our go-to option when temperature is slowly dropping.

Grim Tim Black Selvage
Soft, 13.5 oz. black selvage denim for the denim aficionado. 12 months should be about enough for this masterpiece.

Howard Duffel Navy Navy
Another updated classic. Our version of the classic duffel; a tad shorter, but we’ve kept the toggles and improved the hood.

Vladimir Neps Olive
It’s cold outside, best put that wool sweater on. Vladimir is our go-to option when temperature is slowly dropping.

Thin Finn Black Nouveau
A classic black overdye on indigo denim. This is what your black denim Nudie Jeans might look like after a few months.

Tube Tom Stonesy Black
A tight fit with a straight leg and a normal rise. The wash is a classic, broken in black denim with a dusty surface.

Tight Long John Chain Worn
Our tightest fit has a low waist and a super skinny, straight leg. An authentic wash with a blue-black, dusty look.

Thin Finn Dusk Indigo
A classic, slim, 50’s carrot shape fit with a dropped yoke. A cold, blue wash with lots of authenticity to it.

Grim Tim Twisted Blue
Tim is a slim, straight leg fit with a normal rise. This is a classic Nudie Jeans, natural worn-in wash.

Grim Tim Dry Ring
Tim is a slim, straight leg fit with a normal rise. Dry denim with the right amount of stretch for a comfortable fit.
Steady Eddie Whistle Blue
Regular, straight fit with a slightly tapered leg. Another classic Nudie Jeans, natural worn-in wash.


Winter 2014 New Arrivals

Face 2 Face: The Nudie Jeans Winter 2014 Collection. Check it out!


The Winter 2014 Collection  is mash-up between two contrasting themes. One is the dandy, the working class hero who put on facade to trick his surrounding into believeing that he was someone else; the other is the Dada movement. An ism that considered itself anti-art, much like Nudie Jeans in the world of fashion. 


Nudie Jeans Fit Guide

From tight to regular. Here are the Nudie Jeans fits. Spin them around and compare look and measurements. Visit Fit Guide

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Production Guide

We take a great interest in where and how the Nudie Jeans collection is produced. See for yourself in the Production Guide

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