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From worker blouse to valued family treasure. It’s about that time of year when it’s time to double denim. We're also offering free shipping on all orders

The denim jacket is a wardrobe essential. It’s impossible to say why, but people with great-looking jean jackets always get more positive attention. But how do you pick the right one? We’ve made a guide to help you find the right denim jacket.

We offer free shipping on all orders placed between August 24th, 6pm to August 27th, 6pm. Use code: FREESHIPPINGFALL14 , to claim free shipping on your Nudie Jeans Online Shop order.


Sonny Dry Clean Selvage It’ll take a while to break in, but don’t fret. That dry denim jacket is to be seen as an investment for the future. If you can’t break it in during your lifetime, pass it on to the kids. If you want to speed up the process, wear that dry denim jacket under your leather jacket and you’ll see results a bit faster.


Perry Back 2 Black Much like the dry jean jacket, the coated option should be worn for a long time to develop nice looking wear and tear. The more you wear it and break it in, the more character it’ll get. After about six months of extensive wear, the fabric will take on a more rugged look.


Perry Blue Contrast  Not everyone has the time or patience it takes the to break in a denim jacket from scratch. Ain't no shame in that though; there's satisfaction in putting on a pre-washed denim jacket too. We have some really nice pre-washed options that’ll make you dangerously stylish, and give you the same amount of attention.


One Style Focus

Since you are our friend, we decided to make shopping real easy for you!

We are here to help you look smart this fall. Jacket, shirt and jeans; all you have to do is click.


The New Arrivals are Here!

A little reminder; we’re still stacking up New Arrivals at the Online Shop.

In case you happened to miss our last Newsletter, here’s a little reminder. We’re still stacking up on New Arrivals from the Fall 2014 Collection. Go there now and you won’t miss out on any of the goodies.
Blackish-blue denim with a natural worn in look. A smooth fabric with slight dirt effects for an authentic feel.
A mid-used wash with nice contrast. It’s been coated and washed to bring out some beautiful 3D effects.
Light denim this fall? Yes, of course. A washed down, subtle wear and tear and authentic whiskers.
A cozy knitted sweater is a wardrobe staple. Vladimir might be your best friend this fall.
Soft but sturdy, unbrushed flannel shirt with a check that we’ve developed ourselves.
This is our classic Gunnar in a beautiful black chambray quality.
Our classic Conny is back, and this time in a black coated option.
13.4 oz. Perry denim jacket with a first wash, natural, worn in look.


New Arrivals

Parts of the Fall 2014 Collection is now available at the Online Shop.

Summer is still very much in full swing, but we’re stacking up on New Arrivals at the Online Shop anyways. Since we love all our Newsletter recipients, we giv you guys first pick.



The Sale is Still On!

We’re closing the books on Spring 14 to make room for Fall 14.

The Sale is still in full swing at the Online Shop . In case you’ve missed it, here’s another chance to get your hands on Spring 2014 favorites.
No rest for the rebellious. These black High Kais have a great worn in look, the effects are almost cloud like.
There’s still a few months of summer left. Get your light super skinnies while they last.
Breaking in jeans takes time and you're in a hurry. Go for a pre-washed option with a natural, worn in look.
Soft, kind and comfy jersey made with slightly slubby yarn. The time for stripes is now!
Shirt made in a light peached cotton fabric. Micro-checked. Rounded bottom. Slightly longer in back.
Everybody should own at least one good sweater. Less details for a nice, clean-cut look.

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