Lean Dean & Summer 2015 are Official!

With summer comes light denim, chambray shirts and sailor inspired tops. But also a new slim fit!


We are proud to announce that we have done it again! As we launch the Summer 2015 Collection , we bring you yet another member to our family of fits. Lean Dean is a straight, slim fit with a slightly tapered leg and a narrow leg opening. Have a closer look!


The Summer 2015 Collection is blue. The same cool blue you see in old china that was unloaded in the Göteborg harbor back in the day, and the intense, deep blue of the roaring sea. Chambray, patched and mended fabrics, sailor inspired tops, light denim and of course Lean Dean .


Black Selvage Stories

Our 13.5 oz. black selvage has been with us for a minute now, and they're starting to look great!


The results are just in! We’re beginning to see some beautiful development on our 13.5 oz. black selvage denim . Different stages and a varied amount of washes and this is what you get. If you are looking for a quick fix and a set of black denim that’ll break in beautifully, but also pretty fast, our black selvage option might be what you are looking for.


You Wait for Summer We Present New Arrivals

Step out of the darkness and into the light. We are taking you out to sea.


The days are longer, brighter and the temperature is slowly rising. It’s officially still spring, but since we’re starting to see New Arrivals stacking up on the shelves at the warehouse, we decided to present them to you straight away. Just because we’re nice like that.


Shirts, Shirts and More Shirts

Shirt up! Denim shirts, checkered shirts and charming chambray shirts.


The Spring 2015 Collection is brimful of truly smashing shirts. Short-sleeve, long-sleeve, denim, checkered and chambray. Have a peep at the selection in this newsletter and then head straight for the Online Shop and get your shirt needs fulfilled.
Gunnar Check Turquoise/Navy
How about bright checks in a soft light fabric?

Gunnar Herringbone Check Indigo
Or something colorful, but still soft and light?

Ace New Chambray
Over the past seasons we’ve fallen deeper in love with chambray. Not only is it really soft, it also looks a lot like denim.

Gunnar Chambray Denim
Our classic Gunnar cut made with one of our favorite chambray qualities. This is kinda like double denim 2.0.

Jonis Steel Blue Denim
This stonewashed denim is soft and light in terms of both tone and weight. Awesome.

Gunnar Fine Slubs Denim
Mid-weight denim with a beautiful, even wash. This one is all about structure.


Put a Jacket On, It’s Getting Warmer!

There’s thousand reasons why spring is the greatest season. Here’s eight of them.


Lighter jackets are the reason for the season . Here’s 8 or 9, depending on how you look at it, really great candidates. No matter what your preferences, our Spring 2015 Collection will suit all your jacket needs.


Niklas Harrington Jacket Black
Elvis made it popular in 1958 with King Creole, but Ryan O’Neal’s character in the soap opera Peyton Place, Rodney Harrington gave it its name. This style is also available in rust .

Hansi Leather Shirt
It’s a shirt, but could double as a jacket. It’s a shirt jacket.

Tryggve Two By One
The look is great, but please stay out of prison. 

Keith Leather Jacket
Not a biker? With this jacket on, standing too close to motorcycles, might turn you into one.

Dean Leather Jacket
In some aspects the 50’s were great. When you see this jacket, you get it. Get it!?


Perry Dry Selvage
It’ll take a while longer to make this one personal. The best way to break this one in? Get kids, and they can finish the job for you. Or, wear it under other jackets all year around.

Brook Reversible Jacket
This is the best deal you’ll get all season. Two beautiful jackets for the price of one.
Perry Excellent Blue
A great denim jacket is a great conversation. Wearing this, you’re the topic of conversation.

Grim Tim Dry Rainbow
Get our Grim Tim Dry Rainbow! 1000 numbered pairs were made, they come in a snazzy box, they’re made with 14 oz. Kaihara Selvage. They truly are the treasure at the end of the rainbow!

Nudie Jeans Fit Guide

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