New and Restocked!

New Denim! Restocked Denim, Coated Jean Jacket & Heavyweight Selvage Denim


We are closing in on the holidays and we just recieved some new pre-washed denim options. The warehouse also restocked on some popular dry denim and that beautiful coated Conny jacket. From all of us at Nudie Jeans, to all of you, Merry Christmas!

Thin Finn Rainy Dark
The uneven, multicolored yarns of the fabric gives this wash a dynamic and streaky look. 

Tight Long John indigo Vision
A classic, first-step worn-in, Nudie Jeans staple wash.

Grim Tim Dry Ring
This one is a winner. Give it time to develop and you’ll wear the most beautiful set of denim you ever laid eyes on.

Conny Back 2 Black
A coated denim jacket with massive break-in possibilities. Wear it every day, no matter the season or weather. 


Steady Eddie Dry Heavy Japan
Our heaviest denim option to date. 18 oz. of beautiful selvage denim from Kaihara Mills. There were only 1000 made, so get yours while they last.


* Sorry Sweden, your last order date before Christmas was on the 18th. However, we will send out shipments, but cannot guarantee delivery before the 24th.


Staff Picks: Palle Stenberg

Let denim lover and Nudie Jeans team member Palle Stenberg guide you to the winter essentials.


Palle has been a Nudie Jeans team member since the start, back in 2001. He’s a jack of many trades; traveller, business man, but most importantly, he’s a denim lover, just like you. We asked him to pick out some essential winter attire.


– My email footer says “Luxury is to go to work in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt”, and it pretty much says everything about me as a person. This kit is all me, what I’m all about.

Jacket: Jonny Black Leather

Quarter-Sleeve Tee:  Backbone Greymelange

Zip Hood:  Sorgard Dark Grey

Jeans:  Thin Finn Dry Selvage

Belt:  Wayne Natural


– A lot of my work involve travelling all over the world, spreading the Nudie Jeans gospel. This kit makes me feel like John Denver, "leaving on a jet plane" and all that. As you can see, I’m a light traveller.

Jacket:  Howard Duffel Navy

Sweatshirt: Backbone Greymelange

Scarf:  Elmfridsson Black/White

Holdall:  Jon Weekendbag


– Business casual. When I do business I definitely want to feel comfortable. I love jeans and I wouldn’t be caught dead without my jeans on. I never wear anything other than jeans. 

Jacket: Hubert Denim Peacoat

Shirt:  Stanley Oxford Button-Down

Sweatshirt: Backbone Greymelange

Jeans:  Thin Finn Dry Selvage

Scarf: Rickardsson Melange


– These recycled denim rugs and the camper seats are essential to the denim lover. I am really proud that we have a creative way of recycling and reusing denim like this. What's even better is that they are beautiful. Two birds, one stone.

In-And-Out Seam Camper Seat

Lill-Mats Recycled Rug


The Nudie Jeans Gift Guide

Our Gift Guide has something for all family and friends, old and young.


It’s about that time of year when people buy stuff for one another. Before the Nudie Jeans Gift Guide , the act of buying presents was synonymous with a lot of head scratching, doubt and frustration, but we’ve made it real easy for you. We’ve picked out some favorite garments and accessories that’s perfect for both old and young.


David Cardigan Wine
Let David keep you warm throughout the holidays and the rest of the winter. A cozy, heavy-knitted cardigan with a big old shawl collar.


Elmfrid Roundneck Black/White
It ain’t christmas for real if there’s no heavy knits. Elmfrid is a roundneck sweater with an optical jacquard pattern.


All our long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees are made with soft, organic and Fairtrade certified cotton. From top left: Pocket Tee Navy and Pocket Tee Wine . From bottom left LS Henley Antracite and LS Henley Wine ; both with a shiny satin neck rib.


Sonny Dry Clean Selvage
A 30's cut worker jacket made with 13.5 oz. Japanese, organic dry selvage denim. Selvage details at innerpocket, cuffs, placket and hangerband.



And a little something for the future...
We also have jeans and tees for the young denim aficionado. Dry and pre-washed denim and tees and for children aged 6 months, up to 10 years. All made with soft, organic cotton.


Suit Up For the Holidays!

Double denim is perfect for the holidays. Look good & stay within your comfort zone.


Only a few more weeks before the holidays are upon us. There will be parties and reasons to celebrate. So let’s dress up, play nice, and stay true to our denim legacy. We give you a couple more reasons to embrace the festive season at hand.

Wilhelm Org. Denim Tuxedo
The dinner jacket, also known as the tuxedo or tux, got the Nudie Jeans treatment for our winter collection. A 12 oz. broken twill denim tuxedo jacket and we added an element of splendor with the black coated lapel. Our Osman Shirt with detachable collar is a perfect match for this tuxedo jacket.

Stanley Printed Fly
Stay fly, right? A bunch of flies are relaxing on this printed shirt. Stanley is a regular fit shirt with neat button-down collar and a slightly longer back piece.
Alberto Deep Broken
This waistcoat is made with 12 oz., deep indigo dyed, broken twill denim. Who would’ve thought a worker vest could add a little festive spark?
Tristan Smoking Jacket
Originally, the smoking jacket was used to protect one’s attire from the smell of smoke and falling ashes. Our version is made for the sole purpose of looking smashing. It’s made with organic 11.75 oz. black denim and it features a coated shawl collar.


Introducing Recycled Rag Rugs and Camper Seats

2700 pairs of Reused Nudie Jeans denim that’ll definitely tie a room together.


The goal for our Denim Maniacs projects is to be able to find new use for old, worn-out Nudie Jeans denim. This time we’re releasing two products that'll definitely tie the room together.

The In-and-Out Seam Camper Seat is an homage to one of Sweden’s favorite pastimes, and it’s made in a limited run of 250 pieces – a  light blue and a  dark blue  version. We also launch a new batch of rag rugs in two sizes; the big rug, Stor-Mats , is limited to 75 pieces and the smaller one, Lill-Mats , to 275 pieces.

Nudie Jeans Fit Guide

From tight to regular. Here are the Nudie Jeans fits. Spin them around and compare look and measurements. Visit Fit Guide

Nudie Fit Guide
Nudie Production Guide

Production Guide

We take a great interest in where and how the Nudie Jeans collection is produced. See for yourself in the Production Guide

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