Nudie Jeans Summer 2014 Collection

Detroit. Automotive Industry - Musical Genres

Detroit’s impact on history and popular culture is significant. Synonymous with the automotive industry, birthplace of a number of different musical genres. The artists, characters and personalities raised on its scenes are the inspiration for the Nudie Jeans Summer 2014 Collection.

Sharp Black. Bright White. Smoke Grey

Sharp black, bright white and smoky grey with red in-between is the temperament and tensed nerve that is the grim reality of the industrial city. Tight and slim silhouettes contrasted with oversized tops, striped denim, a white jean jacket and printed t-shirts form the perfect outfit for backstreet venues.

The Silhouette is slim, contrasted with an oversized shirt or coat. Striped denim, a white denim jacket

For this collection we concentrated on the skinny and slim fits. You’ll find the jackets suit you and the denim perfectly. Sweaters, shirts — both solid and patterned — and great t-shirts are part of this red, black and white collection.

The Sombrero Cordobés is traditionally made with felt. To cool things off, we made ours with black denim. Here’s your hat, mr. White.
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Sander Coat
Black Washed

A loose fit vagabond’s coat made with a cotton/linen material. Slightly washed for a natural worn in look.

Thin Finn
Stone Black

Dyed black, bleached down, with a white tint which gives the denim a dusty, almost charcoal-like look.


Hat Denim Black
Eino - Solid Black Black


Solid Black Black

A solid, six-button, 19th century vest made with 100% organic dry denim. Three pockets and cotton/polyester lining on the back.

Ciaron - Intarsia Black/Red


Intarsia Black/Red

Ebu - Short Sleeve Solid Offwhite


Short Sleeve Solid Offwhite

Perry - White



Tape Ted - Red Over Blue

Tape Ted

Red Over Blue

Tube Tom - White Painted

Tube Tom

White Painted

Skinny Lin - Back in Black

Skinny Lin

Back in Black

High Kai - Black on Bleach

High Kai

Black on Bleach

Steady Eddie - Black Voyage

Steady Eddie

Black Voyage

Thin Finn - Back 2 Black

Thin Finn

Back 2 Black

This new coated option has a layer of coating on top of the fabric which gives them a slight shine. The coating will come off from wear & wash and create a beautiful, raw and matte look.


Nudie Jeans Fit Guide

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Production Guide

We take a great interest in where and how the Nudie Jeans collection is produced. See for yourself in the Production Guide

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Your jeans go
where you go.
They live your lifestyle.
They get abrasions
and scars.
And they bleed.
Just like you.

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