Double Denim – Grim Tim & Conny

Posted 31 August 2012 in Photo
Nudie Jeans Conny Denim Jacket
Nudie Jeans Grim Tim

Name: Per

Do for living:  Teacher

How old are those bad boys?
Been wearing my Grim Tim Dry Orange Selvage for a year and the Conny Dry has been with me since the very first collection of denim jackets. Probably eight years?

Any weird spots?
No significent weird spots on the jeans, just a giant crotch rip after some longboarding. Conny has been under my Folke leather jacket most of the time.

No wash on the Grim Tims. Conny have been washed once, six months ago. 

When I played tennis at Styrsö one midsummer wearing Conny a three set match in the sun. I was the only one with out a great tan in the evening.

There are few Conny jackets we have seen with these great fades as they are hard ones to breaking in. What makes it even greater is that the jacket has been with Per on a eight years journey, which we think is fantastic! Sustainable clothing togehter with memories creates something unique you can´t replace.

Go to:  to start your own journey. 

Have a great weekend! // Mathias

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