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Your Re-use Nudie Jeans are a certified good environmental choice.

Nudie Jeans Re-use Denim is Eco-labeled with Bra Miljöval – Good Environmental Choice.

Our Re-use jeans are eco-labeled and proud to comply with the strict environmental requirements set by, the environmental performance certification ecolabel Bra Miljöval (Good Environmental Choice). Bra Miljöval helps consumers to more sustainable choices when purchasing textile products.

Bra Miljöval is applicable to product segments where companies and consumers can make a difference to achieve sustainable development and reduced environmental impact. There are many areas that need to be addressed in the textile industry. Approximately 80% of a garment’s climate impact occurs during production. Choosing second-hand over virgin jeans is therefore environmentally very beneficial. With reuse activities, we avoid a large amount of energy, water, and chemicals needed in the production of new garments.

— Buying Bra Miljöval labeled second-hand jeans, is a great example of how you, as an individual, can embrace a consumer behavior with a greatly reduced environmental impact. Studies show that the carbon emissions from production, shipping and distribution phases of one pair of new jeans correspond to the emissions created from collecting, sorting and distribution of 197 pairs of second-hand jeans. In addition, thousands of liters of water and over a kilo of chemicals are saved from being used, says Helen Göthe, Product Manager Textile at Bra Miljöval.

Nudie Jeans Re-use denim has been labeled with Bra Miljöval since 2011. Being a certified licensee for Bra Miljöval Textile means complying with both extensive environmental work and social responsibility.

— The company needs to employ an environmental policy and continuously improve their environmental work. We also set criteria for ethical and social responsibility such as the right to form trade unions, the right to collective bargaining and safe and healthy working conditions. The requirements include that the licensee has a transport policy to reduce environmental impact from goods transports and business trips. All labels, sales packages and detergents which are used also need to meet environmental requirements, explains Helen Göthe.

Today, almost a third of all clothes in Sweden remain unused in our wardrobes and on average, close to one new garment per person is purchased each week.

— There are no infinite resources for making clothes. We need to help extend the life of the clothes that already exist. By offering their consumers a second life for their jeans, Nudie Jeans contributes to this, concludes Helen Göthe.



About Bra Miljöval/Good Environmental Choice
Bra Miljöval is an independent ecolabel, which is run by Sweden’s largest environmental organization Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) with over 237 000 members. Bra Miljöval started in 1990 and the labeling is based on two basic ideas: that natural resources must be saved, and that biodiversity and human health must not be threatened. Our product criteria for licensees are strict and revised regularly. Products and services carrying the Bra Miljöval label must therefore simultaneously evolve with the criteria of the label in order to continuously comply with the social and environmental standards.