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A slight change in logo use and certification, but still at the highest level of sustainability

We are sorry to inform you that Nudie Jeans will pause all communication for our GOTS-certified products. The Global Organic Textile Standard — or GOTS — recently introduced a new set of requirements that prevents us from using the label or logo in any way, shape, or form.

Over the years, we've been grinding tirelessly to decrease our environmental impact and push ourselves to be a positive force in this industry. In 2020, we got our GOTS certification, but at the beginning of 2022, GOTS added requirements saying that all certified products need an actual label attached. With prior requirements stating that labeled products can only be distributed through channels that meet their standard, and our global distribution network and channels include units that are not yet certified, Nudie Jeans no longer fulfill the requirements.

Certifications may only seem like words on paper, but to us, it's a validation of the work we do. We still think that the GOTS standard is one of the best chemical management standards in the textile industry today since it is the strictest and most holistic. So, moving forward, we'll keep working toward increasing the number of GOTS-certified suppliers in our supply chain and look into possibilities to have distributors certified. And, until we get a chance to become re-certified, know this: Nudie Jeans always have, and always will put in the work required to make products with the highest level of sustainability in mind, following GOTS'strict chemical standards.

This put us in a pickle, but our efforts to become GOTS-certified and develop more certified denim styles have not been in vain. And we've really taken measures to push our product development and chemical work several steps further together with our certified suppliers. So, the tireless grind continues.

We also want to give a huge shout-out to our product development department, which has developed a fantastic work process to increase the number of certified products. Lastly, and most importantly — thank YOU, who support us and help us realize our vision.

Eliina Brinkberg, Environmental Manager

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