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Posted 19 May 2011 in Backstage

For me it’s a learning process each and every meeting I have with our denim suppliers, I do not like to get the presentation from suppliers sales department, sorry, instead I invite the people developing fabrics to our mill weeks. The people behind the fabric idea and technical developments are the main inspiration for denim design. The reason is that we can ask all kind of questions, we can develop our own fabrics together with the right people

I charge and that way we can learn more about denim. Today we can also use organic cotton on all our denim fabrics as we buy enough amounts of meters.

This week we start with the collection for fw 2012 and its lots of meetings with our denim suppliers, parallel we

are just been received the final collection ss 2012 to be presented at our kickoff in a few weeks, it’s a stressful period, but chaos is the mother of creativity or if creativity cases chaos, I’m not sure in our case. I show you some examples of how the development department looks tat the moment, with fabrics, samples, new interior for our upcoming new office and for remaking our nudie store in Gothenburg.

Our small product development team makes this happening. Johan and Jonte worked with me for some years and is today part of the creative development in denim, to select and invent new fabrics and organize them into garments and new fits. When this is ready we fly to Italy and meet all our laundry’s to start the washing process on samples.

On the collection including all tops I make the design drawings by hand in my books and give that to Jonte, Stina and Sofi-Lee who translate them into measurements and all information to our suppliers in Portugal to make samples and it’s a hard job. I realize that I cannot in detail explain their great job on a few lines; they are just to good for that, without them this would have been mission impossible.

Together with the product team we have Magnus and Ulli who are the graphic art directors in-house, and as we do not work with any external agency they are doing all packaging, interior design for all our presentations and prints, you should see our photo studio. Melker and Peter are the project managers who get us all in line to realize things like our web and photo shooting with our external photographers Jonas and Ulf who live in Stockholm. They are all magicians and I love you! And Karin we miss you!

I learned today that there are anti-stress denim fabrics, not on the market yet but on the technical development stage. I volunteer to test the ant-stress denim fabric just in case it works.

One of our latest developments together with the design team of Isko was to use old Nudie Jeans no longer worth repairing to make a new fabric. In the office we cut of all the metal details and send the pcs to the place where they rip the fabric into new fibers and together with the denim producer we created a new fabric with recycled denim and new organic cotton fibers to gain strength, it’s an experiment and we are the first to actually make our own fabric from old nudie jeans. In June we will open up our new website and we can tell you the full story how, when and where they will be presented as new garments, at this stage we just have the limited fabric in-house and it is

a beauty.

In a time where we are surrounded with products promising us different things like anti-age I would say that denim is the best and most sympathetic clothes for everyone, from childhood until you drop dead. It actually gets more beautiful the more used it gets, it age with pride. It’s a unisex garment with no different between men and women in terms of having the same right to wear jeans. This we take as granted.

In Sweden we think that we have come far in equality between men and women.

And we have. But still men earn a lot more than women for the same job with same education and to illustrate that a new thinking PR agency in Sweden suggested and also gave that amount of money to illustrate the difference between men and women salary in one year. The election meeting took place and they burned it on stage in front of all Swedish media, same amount of money would not give half page ad in a magazine, but this was upsetting a hole country’s feelings and that’s good. Rumours said it was money given by a member of the Swedish band ABBA but that was actually money donated by this small creative agency.

We like the idea of being independent and make our own money to continue our developments. As we do not burn money on advertising but we love storytelling, I like the work of PR agency ”Studio Total”, keep up the good job to wake up feelings.

For me it’s to late to die young but there is still time to learn new things. Share with us what you have learned lately about equal respect, human rights or denim in general.

Today I listen to Ray LaMontagne “can I stay” from the album Till The Sun Turns Black

Love from Maria

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