Blodarnas Knivhus

Blodarnas Knivhus – Episode 11: CAPE TOWN SKATE TOWN

“Hi again guys and greetings from lovely Cape Town! The other day we invited the neighborhood to a street barbecue. A little drizzling rain wouldn’t stop us from firing up the grill, and the day turned out really great. The rap artists from the group Driemanskap took care of the meat. During this event we gathered some ...


“Hi Nudie! We’ve been on some adventures in South Africa recently! With and old school Volkswagen kombi van we headed out through the South African wilderness. The goal was to get lost, looking for picnic spots, camping places and even swimming. After a few days, our vehicle took us all the way to the desert ...


Oscar of Blodarnas Knivhus set out on a journey to cross the Atlantic Ocean. This is an adventure full of suspense, food and close encounters with nature! – First leg of the trip: stocking up on goods in Las Palmas. Food, candy and all that. A week of waiting for the weather to support our take ...

Blodarnas Knivhus Episode 8: It Was Summer

All adventures during the Swedish summer did at one point twine the gang all together. Blodarnas Knivhus were all set to roadtrip themselves from Norway, Denmark and different parts of Sweden to set up a camp by the farmlands of Dalarna. For a few days when a small music festival was being set up, they ...

Blodarnas Knivhus Episode 7: Canoe Trippin’

At the peak of the Swedish summer, on a calm lake, surrounded by deep forest, Blodarnas Knivhus packed their canoes to spent a weekend on a small island. The recurring formula for enjoying life to the max seems as old as the world itself; camping with good friends, sunsets over a calm sweet lake, food ...

Blodarnas Knivhus episode 6: Brothers in Thailand part 4

We got yet another jiffy bag from Blodarnas Knivhus in Thailand. This time the padded envelope contained a VHS tape and another postcard. We had some trouble finding a VHS player, but when we did, we were taken aback by the contents of the tape. Enjoy!  

Blodarnas Knivhus Episode 6: Brothers in Thailand part 3

Blodarnas Knivhus continue their adventurous journey. As they hit Bangkok, they teamed up with our friends at Pronto Denim for a workshop, teaching their fans the fine art of painting jackets and jeans.

Blodarnas Knivhus Episode 6: Brothers in Thailand part 2

Last week, Blodarnas Knivhus went chasing waterfalls and experienced the heat of the country. This week, they use force to get rid of the same heat. Who wears short shorts? 


We hadn’t heard from them in quite a long time, but just the other day we got a jiffy bag posted from Thailand. The padded envelope contained a postcard and a floppy disk. They seem to be having a great time and making a lot of friends.

Blodarnas Knivhus – Episode 5: Snow Man Hunt

Practicing some axe throwing for the annual christmas tree hunt. Maybe everyone doesn’t appreciate all the hectic yule tide traditions, but there are always ways to adapt and enjoy the snow and the smell of freshly chopped fir-tree in your own way! Have yourself a merry one! /Blodarnas Knivhus

Blodarnas Knivhus – Episode 4: The Resurrection

We received some secret photos from a year ago. When this group of now older kids reassembled for a ceremonial resurrection of the secret club they started many years ago. “To honor the dreams and fantasies we shared as 6 year olds, we gathered at a secret location, lit up by candles and some old ...

Blodarnas Knivhus – Episode 3. Blood Red Bear Party.

Blodarnas Knivhus made an appearance at the red themed night at the event Colors in Gothenburg. Oversized medieval weaponry, smoke breathing bear, flames in the air and free juice and cake.