Wear & Tear

You Decide How Far They Go

  It all starts with a pair of drys – there is a process involved and you decide how far they go. That very process is a journey. No matter what your jeans looked like when you bought them, they all started out as a pair of dry denim. Those pre-washed and pre-distressed favourites of ...

Ay, captain! I broke me denim in on the high seas.

Love is a jack of many trades. On his resumé you’ll find titles such as filmmaker, substitute teacher, biker, and sailor. Lately he’s back at the university, studying to become an artist. These Steady Eddies have been worn for two years, and has been washed a few times. Years of hard work pays off, but you know, every ...

User Stories: Jeppe

BREAKING IN DENIM is a sport. It takes time, patience and a bit of magic. Jeppe is no amateur, he’s broken in many a pair over the years, but these Brute Knut Dry Selvage presented him with a somewhat new experience. – I’ve broken in selvage more times than I can remember, but this is ...

User Stories: Ben

Ben started wearing his Grim Tim Dry Selvage the first day of his temporary position here at HQ. The intention was to go the full distance and wash them after 6 months, but landed a full time position so the jeans have yet to see the inside of the washer. “During 6 months, without washing, the ...


  Over the course of the past 6 months we’ve seen Steven break in his Dry Selvage Steady Eddies in a spectacular way. An unfortunate turn of events made it impossible for Steven to follow through with his 12 Month Break-In Journey. However we’re glad that we got 6 months of great wear and tear, ...

User Stories: Jason

Steady Eddie Dry Selvage, worn by Jason for 13 months with 1 wash  »When I bought my Steady Eddies in May of 2014 they were released as a new fit and I liked the fit right away; . It was love at first sight. I took it as a mission to break in this bad boy. ...

Left a Good Job In the City: Month 3

In Hälsingland, Mattias is beginning to feel like a farmer. Trying his skills in different fields is proving to be pretty efficient as a means to break in a pair of jeans. The jacket is  a different story, but Mattias has kids, so the future of this jacket is secured. Life in the countryside involves ...

The Making of a Canadian Tuxedo: Month 3

Only 3 months of wear and we’re seeing results that most people would spend 18 months and fat wad of cash to develop. Let’s just say that hard work does pay off. This is the next instalment in the 12 month break-in journey. April journal entry: Work has been crazy. Long, 9-10 hour days. Building some very ...

User Stories: Dan

Steady Eddie 18 oz. Heavy Japan Selvage worn by Dan for 6 months, 1 soak The way you way you wear your jeans, what you do, becomes as unique as a fingerprint. It’s kinda crazy when you think about it.   – I’m not new to breaking in denim, but this was my first encounter ...

Nordstrom x Nudie Jeans #breakindenim

  What happens when you use your favorite set of denim every day at work, and how will different lines of work affect the outcome? Together with Nordstrom we decided to find out. We asked five experts in five different fields of expertise to partake in this experiment and the results are just in. Get ...

User Stories: Pontus

Grim Tim Dry Selvage worn by Pontus for 10 months, 4 washes. I kinda realized that there are no right or wrong way to break in denim. Just wear them and love them. They will be great regardless – I’ve broken in many a pair of dry denim, so with this pair I was aiming for ...

Left a Good Job In the City: Month 2

Mattias is not all that satisfied with the results as of yet, but let’s not forget there are 11 more months to go on this break-in journey. Also the weather situation is looking a bit better and once he starts taking on the garden, he promises that we’ll start seeing some results. Nature is coming ...

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