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Curated by Prins Emanuel

Multi-instrumentalist, drummer, producer and DJ Prins Emanuel delivers an immaculate selection slow jams and Balearic moments packaged ready to soundtrack your summer.

Curated by Prins Emanuel

For those not yet familiar to the sounds of Prins Emanuel, he has made quite a stir in the underground scene over the years. Keeping busy with projects: the main hub of it all being the vinyl label Fasaan Rec. With a string of 12″ releases together with fellow label runner Golden Ivy, they’ve reinvented the disco and boogie sound drawing influences from dub, afro & tropical music. Later, through his alias Witch Doctor and with the live duo of Golden Prinz he has explored a more electronic side of that sound, moving closer to house territory. On his first solo album released ‘Arbete/Fritid‘ (we highly recommend this album – big tip!), Emanuel brought together many of the influences that has shaped his earlier works (and his colourful DJ-sets) and created a body of work that seemingly stands  on its own. Prins Emanuel followed up ‘Arbete/Fritid’ with the slightly more moody ‘Diagonal Musik’ which saw acclaim and praise from the press and other producers in the community.

Now that you know a little more about our guest curator we’ll let you go and enjoy this Nudie Jeans exclusive.

Thank you, Emanuel!