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In Sweden we have a segregated society, not just in terms of poor and rich or the amount of generations born in Sweden, but also between season and age. In the winter no one hardly talk to each other as we transport our self between our job or schools into our sofas in front of TV or fall asleep as the light go down, at four or six o´clock in the afternoon. But its organized. My 20 years older sister moved abroad 30 years ago and each year when she visit Sweden she is afraid of the situation, we do not interfere with each other unless there is a snow disaster or if Madonna is coming to town. But Sweden is well organized.

There is a book called “ när vi byggde landet ” by the photographer KW Gullers,with lots of inspiration for denim lovers from our swedish history. If you like to see where part of our inspiration comes from through our history.

Young people go to special restaurants, for specific music and children and old people do never meet in daily life unless you have grandchildren. It’s a sad situation I would say, but organized. I love my country who gave me a free choice in so many ways, but I hope that our contrey will continue to grow by getting more open minded hearts from all over the world.

During our yearly kick-off we meet all the fantastic people we work with from 25 countreys and we share the love for denim, but still similar people from Korea or Australia. A fantastic situation I would say, but still not meeting anyone far from your own dress codes. This is not always so well organized, but we try.

Sweden is also known for being a creative country and some of our young creative webdesigners and architects of Gothenburg is called Okidoki, Kokokaka, Aiono or Aioki, they all have names you would like to eat. I’m fortunate to be able to meet and work with so many passionated people inside and outside our own dress-gated-comunity. Besides the product developments and our inside graphic design department we are rebuilding our Nudie Jeans stores, designing our new office at the antique halls of Gothenburg and creating a new updated website together with some of the new companys you like to invite for dinner.

The other day Palle and me had an interesting meeting with a big hotel chain that is under building and planning; there vision was to create natural meeting areas for all people in Gothenburg. Not “suited men to meet up with other suited men”, but to create lobbies to work in, to meet in, to get inspiration and energy from each other outside your own normal dess code.

A well organized place for non-organized meetings.

I love the idea and we might create one of the areas where people can meet. I would love to design a laundrybar in the hotel as a “logistic everyday meeting place”. Most people in Sweden who live in bigger cities have appartments and share washing machines in the basement, you are depending on listing dates and hours to stay home to make washing, why not bring your bag to the “Nudie Laundrybar” in a hotel full of different meeting areas, take a coffee, read a book or meet someone while waiting for your jeans to get ready?

I do not have face book so I cannot read the comments you might have on these blog posts, I just hear that on the Nudie Jeans facebook things are discussed. I find face book similar to gated community full of neighbors you know by face but not yet by heart. As I do not have keyboards with other alphabet I cannot enter new areas, language is still the main reason why we do not understand each other. Internet is something we define as the ultimate freedom of getting in contact with each other and to find information and it is, but We still like to feel safe or share same dress codes even on face book among same sort of people.

The passion for denim we share together and it’s a huge open community.

This is not the end.

Today I listen to the song “ The desperate kingdom of love” by Giant Sand and the album Provisions

Love, Maria

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