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Get The Balance Right in practice

Over the years, the sustainability work at Nudie Jeans has resulted in many valuable tools and reports giving you and our customers insight to our sustainability work while increasing our transparency; the Production Guide, the Sustainability Report and the Brand Performance Check are some of these tools we use.

A large part of our focus is with the suppliers and how we can work together to improve the social and environmental aspects within the supply chain. We visit our suppliers frequently and have a close dialogue with them on these matters – and it is truly rewarding to see the improvements made over the years and that all the hard work and focus on building long terms relationships with our suppliers are giving the results we have aimed for.

All our suppliers are visible in the Production Guide, which we launched back in 2013, we have more information on our suppliers and sub-contractors producing our garments than most other brands in the industry. This level of transparency was an early decision for Nudie Jeans and something we truly believe has been a key driving force for our sustainability work and maybe even for the industry.

We’d like to highlight the 2017 Sustainability Report which we put a lot of effort into, making it contemporary and balanced. We think it is important to choose sustainable materials, (organic cotton primarily) and having a sustainable production where workers have a wage they can live on and in the end create a sustainable product – a product you can repair, reuse and recycle. We always strive  towards choosing the better option within this industry known for its un­sustainable resource use and poor working conditions.  This is how we are working towards getting the balance right!

During 2017 we reached our goal of only using 100% organic cotton for all our cotton products.

We also stepped up the game with our repair program, which resulted in:

  • 49 235 repaired Nudie Jeans. Which means saving 40 000 kg denim from becoming textile waste and saving 345 000 000 liter water from not producing the same amount of new Nudie jeans.

By prolonging the life of our products, we save resources!

Finally, in addition to all the great work that has been done so far, a sustainability department was created during last year and it gives us even more opportunities to prepare for the future and make Nudie Jeans the most sustainable denim brand!