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Left a Good Job In the City: Month 2

Mattias is not all that satisfied with the results as of yet, but let’s not forget there are 11 more months to go on this break-in journey. Also the weather situation is looking a bit better and once he starts taking on the garden, he promises that we’ll start seeing some results.

Nature is coming alive in our neck of the woods, and lately we’ve been spending a lot of time outside.

A couple of weeks ago we set out to try our ice fishing luck. My oldest daughter, father-in-law and myself. We took the four-wheeler out to a tiny lake called Aletjärn. After a bumpy ride we arrived at the lake and the ice was thick, safe and shiny. We made coffee over the flames of a wood log fire, and my father in-law taught me all he knows about catching the the great Northern Pike. We went home that afternoon with dinner in a plastic bucket, and I’m not talking about no take-out; three beautiful pikes were served that evening.

There are no real visible results of the break-in process yet, but as the weather is getting better, so are the causes for heading out into the garden and I bet we’ll start seeing some evolution on both jeans and the jacket.