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The reason to blog is to share ideas and things you like, I guess that’s true! I like a web site called “Learning to love you more” of Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher – and at one stage I got inspired by the banner idea and made some for my home, I wrote, “let things develop” as I need to read that everyday. I’m a person with less or no patient when I get involved or inspired. When I like something, I also like to share this with friends or others who maybe might be interested. I would never call the company and say: “hey I like that specific jacket, if you give it to me for free I might write about that” – this is just not trustable or good for anyone’s self-respect. As a brand we can see this happening from some fashion magazines or fashion bloggers – if you give me clothes – I’ll write about you.

The other day I was told a blogger in Holland visited our store in Stockholm, of pure interest in brands and products he personally like as authentique and judged by his four criteria’s: the level of truth, beauty, love and fun. Great. What he did as well was to invite the people working with the brand to share there preferences like art, music, city or brands we like, a splendid idea to be introduced to new directions, a fantastic platform for fashion blog and a space to share taste or finding new ideas..

He was smart and trustable enough to ask the Nudie Jeans staff to recommend him different fits to try on, but he never had the idea to say – “give me your product and I give you blog space”. Instead of this, he bought himself a pair of jeans, Grim Tim. Alfred, thank you for the respect for our brand and most of all respect for yourself and your job!

Here is his story:


I will give you some of my personal favorites; The brand “Paul Harnder Shoemakers” and the Swedish brand “Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair” because they both have a genuine passion and knowledge for patternmaking and fabrics, they have a unique twist in there design and its both fun and beautiful. I personally like the store “merci merci” in Paris, as this is a visit for all senses.

For art my new favorite is the artist Alfonso Vallès who lives and works in Paris.

And Sara-Vide from Stockholm as well as Kasper from the band Kashmere in Copenhagen.

I still walk around in my worn out Dr Martins or Converse and when I try to blend in I use my Forentini+Baker boots or shoes from a small Swedish brand called “Lusifer “as they both value the craftsmanship and beautiful leather.




“Let things develop” is valid for the fashion blog culture in general and for life specific and is also valid for breaking into your jeans, you can not push it to hard or to quick unless it shows up as fake or to distressed, things to be develop takes time. Today we spend most our time to have meetings regarding our next kickoff and the collection preparation.

Please share with us how you would express your own banner valid for life as well as for your jeans to reflect your daily life.

Today I listen to Kashmir and the song “ danger Bear” from the album trespassers.

Love, Maria

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