My personal Repair and Reuse – by Maria

Posted 26 May 2011 in The World of Nudie Jeans, Wear & Tear

I have a favorite Nudie Jeans in a special fit, my own version of Thin Finn with a tighter leg opening in dry selvage denim. Its 14 oz. kaihara red selvage denim in its best greycast indigo and uneven slubby weft. It’s actually because of this fabric Nudie Jeans started. I worked at Lee Europe at that time and in the mill week I fell in love with this fabric but the price was to high and I was not allowed to work with this fabric by then. I never forgot the fabric and one day I called Kaihara to buy our first meters . The actual jeans I worn for many years now. Not everyday as I have more than one pair, but I have not yet washed them. In my daily life I quite often sit on the floor or on my knee and that’s where they always break first, so my worn dry Nudie jeans have a repair on the right knee.

All denim lovers know that denim is a strong fabric and they get more beautiful the more you use them before washing, due to the indigo bleeding process. Just like our skin they get sours or cuts and Finally today they broke in crutch as well, where the tension is higher and now I repair my favorite jeans in order to keep them, to make the life longer and to take the consequences of my wearing process without softening the fiber during my hope that they will get even more beautiful each day I wear them. To me they have added value instead of broken value, now they start getting even more personalized.

On our new website, to be launched in June, we will give you all inspiration how to re-pair your jeans to last longer, to ad value. In our own stores we have sweingmachines where you can get help to repair and ad values on your Nudie Jeans. Mattias in our store at Vallgatan in Gothenburg repaired mine. Thank you! First he cut a pice of the correct fabric, glued on the piec with textileglue and we picked a good shade of blue thread. We will have a book with collected repairs to choose from, just like you can look at tatoobooks with inspiration. In stockholm Madde and Johan is the denim experts, ready to personalize your Nudie jeans.

Sometimes we have problems with our production when the amount of distress on the fabric is to high, with to many layers of tecniques to get a second hand look. This is not added values for us as a brand, for the suppliers or for any consumers. They should be removed and returned from the market. Nudie jeans mision is to stay true to quality in the hole chain from base fabric to our personal wear and repair. Dry denim is the best way to get your jeans live longer and also to get them personalized by yourself.

I like the idea of letting things be used again, to take care about your things and to let them stay in your life.

Today I listen to The Low Anthem and the song ( Don´t) Tremble at the album Oh My God, Charlie Darwin


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