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Nudie Jeans Travel Guide: Los Angeles

We have our roots in Gothenburg, Sweden. We’re proud of our city and we want to show it to you as much as possible, but sometimes we forget that Nudie Jeans happens pretty much everywhere, all of the time. We got our stores all over the map and people living in cities far away. With that in mind we decided to give you all the Nudie Jeans Travel Guide. A handy little guide to the world according to Nudie Jeans.

We start off in a big way; Los Angeles, California. The city of big dreams and home of people in the movies; but also home of Nudie Jeans House . Our guys in Los Angeles, Chris and Phil have picked some of their favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.

Most spots are located in the area close to Nudie Jeans House. This way you can do some shopping in-between meals.

Just a few miles away from the Nudie House on the corner of Virgil and Marathon, you’ll find SQIRL. This spot is definitely one of our favorites and the best place to get breakfast! They use all farm to table produce and food from farms all within a short mileage range to ensure freshness and quality. The off the menu item we always get is the “Old Skool”.

720 N Virgil Ave 4
Los Angeles

Handsome Coffee Roasters
Located in the arts district of DTLA this spot is a solid hub for downtown. These guys are great friends and partners of ours. We did an exclusive run of aprons for them and of course, they all wear Nudie Jeans denim. All beans are roasted on site and they keep a purist menu; Espresso or espresso with milk. No sugar or other forms of milk besides whole milk are available.

582 Mateo Street
Los Angeles

The Hart and the Hunter
This is one restaurant that’s been draining our wallets for the last couple of months. it’s been totally worth it though. Go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You won’t be disappointed. Rustic, seasonal country-style meals with a little Southern flair.

7950 Melrose Ave

Escuela Taqueria
This is where we go for Mexican. You should too. Slow food that’s natural and responsibly sourced; no artificial ingredients. Tacos, burritos, tamales and tostadas. We just can’t get enough of this place.

7615 Beverly Blvd.

Village Idiot
A restaurant with a silly name (their own words). Unpretentious, homey food served in an environment that makes you want to come back again and again. “Our fare, like our friends, may vary in class but never in strength of character.” The Village Idiot don’t take reservations; first come first served.

7383 Melrose Ave

The Surly Goat
The Surly Goat is the place to visit when you want to enjoy great beer. $4 draft beers and well drinks. A laid back place to visit when you just have a great time with friends, have a few beers and a few laughs, like we always do here in Los Angeles, California.

7929 Santa Monica Blvd.