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Rainbow Mixtape / Nudie Jeans Fall 2021

"A thousand roads lead to Gothenburg. This is our hometown and an endless well of inspiration".

With our Fall 2021 collection, we explore our influences and inspiration for the past 20 years, and what we found is that every road leads us back home. Nudie Jeans have always stayed true to the tradition of the denim fabric, and this collection won't disappoint anyone.

"Our roots are firmly planted in rock 'n roll and pop culture, but the traces of workwear, army clothes, and western apparel are just as crucial to the final mix."

It wouldn't be a proper Nudie Jeans collection without dry and washed denim, colorful workwear, army parkas, and a sprinkle of western wear. And with Rainbow Mixtape we introduce a total of four new premium selvage denim qualities, two of which have a close connection to the rainbow theme of the collection (more on that later). Our range of women's jeans gets an update with Lofty Lo, a straight-legged relaxed fit with a high waist. 

The Nudie Jeans Fall 2021 collection contains worker jackets, a new, exciting spin on the duck canvas jacket and vest, great shirts, and a new set of varsity letter tees and sweatshirts. The color palette is of course blue and black, with earthy tones, perfectly in tune with how fall appears in Gothenburg, a city with a fair amount of downpour during this season.

"We got the rain, the sunshine, and the fleeting moments in-between when a rainbow connects them both. This is Rainbow Mixtape".

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