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Re-use news

We wanted to give you a heads up on a special project that we’ve been working on.

Nudie Jeans always seeks the most sustainable solution. Reusing saves even more resources than a recycling process. Today, Nudie Jeans sells reused denim from our Re-use program in Repair Shops all around the world with the supply of these reused jeans provided via customers taking advantage of the trade-in* option. From here, these trade-ins are repaired and then sold in the Nudie Jeans Re-use selection. This procedure has been in operation for a couple of years and it only feels natural we take this next step.

As of 16th April, Nudie Jeans will level up and launch Re-use online by offering reused jeans online for the first time ever.

This will be a way for more people to make a sustainable choice and at the same time acquire a unique, one-of-a-kind pair of jeans. In order to be able to offer a strong range of Re-use, we will launch a series of drops with a limited number of garments available for a limited period of time. In other words a first in best dressed scenario (so don’t sleep). To get more information about the launch and the following drops we urge you to follow @nudiejeans on your preferred social media channel.

Our CEO Joakim Levin has a background in second-hand retail and sees a great advantage in the possibility to sell your own goods as second-hand.

“How many companies have the possibility and infrastructure to collect your own organic denim, fix them up and provide one of a kind re-used denim through your own channels?“

Through offering free repairs, Nudie Jeans together with its customers saved 40 000 kilos of clothing from being thrown away and saved 345 000 tons of water during 2017 and stepping up the Re-use game will increase these numbers.

“This is another step towards closing the loop on prolonging the life of each pair of jeans we produce.” adds Joakim.

Note: To find out more about our mentioned trade-in* option, contact your nearest Repair Shop found in the store locator. The trade-in* option is only available through Nudie Jeans brick and mortar Repair Shops.