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This Friday I tried to run away from loneliness by taking the fast train to Stockholm, it didn’t work of course. I had my scrapbook with me to the restaurant down the street where I live. It’s a social place called Nytorgs Deli. I tried to look like I was waiting for someone and I was directed to a table for several people. One younger group of people, all from up north of Sweden, where talking about relations and they all agreed that its not possible to relate to anyone who is not able to be presence. The next group of people joining the table was older, talking about separations and renovating bathrooms, they where all journalists trying to find something new. I draw my sketches for the injection collection for spring 2012 while listening to others discussions about life being presence or not.

Most Men I know are passionate to things where they can compete with, challenge themself to be the best. Men love equipment’s and titles; they love to tell stories about their football team or a text by Morrissey. They love to share know-how about special things like coffee or cars or denim. I love passionate people who share stories, who are presence; some of them just need to learn how to breathe occasionally. There is people who take their job as barista seriously with pride and make it into art. Before we could have a cup of coffee nothing more, nothing less, today I get a “barista cup of coffee” with a heart on top. Traditionally women made most of this and in the area of Sweden where I come from there was a man dating a new woman, he put on water for the coffee with the old kettle with whistle. They where sitting in the sofa waiting on this first date when the whistle start whistling. He simply said to her: – are you deaf? I guess it was the end of that date and I’m sure that he was not a passionate man.

In Sweden there is another trend going on with baking bread. Bakers get there pictures in the window and sourdough masters are to be born, I even found a sourdough hotel in Stockholm. They had a “sourdough guest” that was 120 years old in this hotel.

I want to bury my old worn-out jeans in my garden and plant a apple tree on top, maybe I will get blue apples and maybe I will ask a passionate men, like Adam, to share it with me.

In Stockholm all men had beard as well, I guess that’s a new barber trend going on, not far from Our Nudie jeans store in Stockholm there is a beautiful barbershop called “barber and books” and I sure they will have all story’s to learn you all about your beard as baristas know everything about coffebeans. In our store in Stockholm there was a big pile of jeans by the sewing machine as we have “denim baristas” in the store, denim experts, that can repair your jeans as they grow older, we do not ha a denim hotel yet, but who knows in some years we might have jeans guests with a story 120 years old. Denim lovers, baristas and sourdough have a lot in common, passion for its quality and the storytelling behind the result, the personality and knowledge behind this love for coffee, bread or jeans. A story made by humans. And in this hotel for your sourdough they asure you that all it needs is love and care, that’s what your jeans needs as well, and im sure that’s what your partner wants, to be presence.

Today I listen to Loney Dear and the song “I do what I can” from the album Citadel Band

Love, Maria

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