User Stories: Ben

Ben started wearing his Grim Tim Dry Selvage the first day of his temporary position here at HQ. The intention was to go the full distance and wash them after 6 months, but landed a full time position so the jeans have yet to see the inside of the washer. “During 6 months, without washing, the ...

User Stories: Jason

Steady Eddie Dry Selvage, worn by Jason for 13 months with 1 wash  »When I bought my Steady Eddies in May of 2014 they were released as a new fit and I liked the fit right away; . It was love at first sight. I took it as a mission to break in this bad boy. ...

User Stories: Dan

Steady Eddie 18 oz. Heavy Japan Selvage worn by Dan for 6 months, 1 soak The way you way you wear your jeans, what you do, becomes as unique as a fingerprint. It’s kinda crazy when you think about it.   – I’m not new to breaking in denim, but this was my first encounter ...

User Stories: Pontus

Grim Tim Dry Selvage worn by Pontus for 10 months, 4 washes. I kinda realized that there are no right or wrong way to break in denim. Just wear them and love them. They will be great regardless – I’ve broken in many a pair of dry denim, so with this pair I was aiming for ...

User Stories: Martin Sandklef

Here’s Martin’s High Kai Recycle Dry Navy. Reckless living, holes and a whole lot of repairs. This is what love looks when you put in 6 months of everyday wear. – These were my go-to pair of jeans pretty much everyday for 6 months. I did everything in them, and I might have exaggerated it ...

User Stories: Marie

We love well-worn, broken in denim, and when we see denim worn long and hard by women we get very happy. Marie wore her Tight Long Johns for two and a half years, and she even let us do the honor of giving them the first wash. I have more or less lived in these ...

User Stories: Max Spallek

These jeans show that a pair can be used for a very long time, if you show them love and repair them when they need it. This pair found it’s way back to us, like little fish swimming back home to bring life to new fish. – The jeans I sent to you are about ...

User Stories: Lee, the Stonemason

We found this beautiful pair of Sharp Bengts handed in for repair at our store on Chapel Street in Melbourne, Australia. Lee, a stonemason by trade, used his Bengts every day for nine months, and the result proves that stonemasonry is 100% ideal for breaking in denim. “Working as a stonemason I spend a lot ...

User Stories: Mathias

Masa worn by Mathias for 14 months, washed twice. ”I bought these ones at the Repair Shop in Göteborg. They were limited edition and came in a special box, and had the Swedish and Japanese flag inside the waistline. I moved to Sydney two months later and these were the only jeans I brought with ...

User Stories: Peter

Long John worn by Peter for 3 years, 5 Washes “I pretty much lived in my jeans for a year. Together we’ve been to four festivals and five countries. They’ve kept me company on the bus, on the bike and at the pub. Looking back, I realize I spent more time with my jeans than with my ...

User Stories: Mitchell Fong

Thin Finn Worn by Mitchell for 5 years, 3 washes. “I bought my Thin Finns around September of 2009. I love that they’re like a part of me. I’ve had them so long they fit so well. Its almost like a time capsule as you can see the fades over the years and all the memories ...

User Stories: Kent Norberg

Since 1983 he’s been a member of legendary Swedish rockers Sator, and his still deep in the rock game. Kent Norberg and his bandmates are still touring, only not as much as back in the day. A while back he visited us at the office and brought a pair of Slim Jims that’s done over ...

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