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Posted 17 October 2013 in Backstage

She’d been working as an architect at a firm for nearly 100 years before she realized that that was the wrong place for her. Now, Ida Toll spends her days here at the Nudie Jeans headquarters, doing secret little projects involving recycled denim, making sure someone puts up sun protective film on all windows; but most importantly, she designs for our stores and in-store shop fits.

– I didn’t feel that I could be as creative as I wanted when I worked with a firm. Here I get to work with only one client, and that’s us. I get to be the expert, and I love it. I wanted to work with textile and other materials, try another type of craftsmanship. Working at a firm is not as glamorous as one might think. It looks good from the outside. Working for Nudie Jeans feels good on the inside, and it looks really really good on the outside.

You do a bunch of different stuff. What part do you like best?

– I love it all, of course, but I really enjoy creating the designing the stores. At this point I’ve only done one from scratch, but I know that I’ll love doing the next one, and the one after that. At the moment I’m working on a new concept for our in-store shop fits, which is really fun. At the same time it takes time to design something that should fit shops all over the world. Then there’s the logistic aspect, which involves shipping modules and furniture across the globe; that takes special design skills.

Does your work ever get dull?

Not ever dull, but the not so creative parts are very time consuming and a bit boring. Like making budgets for projects. I don’t really like money like that. I just want to spend it. I don’t like the economic aspect of my job, I just want to draw sketches and buy nice vintage furniture.

Yeah, about the furniture; where do you find everything?

– I get most of our stuff on the internet. Most vintage dealers have realized that there’s a lot to gain from a strong presence on the internet. So I rarely have to visit flea markets or make call odd geezers to find the good stuff. Then there’s a lot of contacts we’ve been using for years. I won’t name names though.

What’s your proudest moment as our in-house architect?

– Seeing the Nudie Jeans Repair Shop Soho turn out the way it did. It’s my baby. It definitely is. But the new in-store shop fit concept will probably be my new baby, but yeah, I’m really proud of the shop in London. Working intensely with a project and seeing everything develop, you get so attached to it.

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