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The other day I was invited to one of the best creative agency in Sweden. I took the elevator up to the top floor and the light changed color to purple and a voice start welcoming me into there world, I entered a James bond office with carpets on the walls and I was shown into a meeting room. I hate meetings by the way, not to be mixed up with meeting people, but the way of planning non spontaneous meetings calculated in time and money. I was presented to the team working with this top secret project and “voala” there was the guy not giving me the job I applied for 14 years ago, I was told not suitable for the project and today I was here again, this time invited. He said: – I know I have ruined some peoples dreams and intentions over the years, and my answer was: – no I should thank you instead, for letting me know the truth and giving me the frustration to start my own projects, this was the best thing happening.

I tell you later how we can combine old Swedish heavy industry with the freedom and dreams of wearing denim. But I have to sign for silence, and in James bond environments there might be a license to kill.

For some years I worked for Lee Europe and I learned a lot from all the people with long experience and there knowledge about denim, but I also learned that money and big cooperation does have a frustrated effect on the creative work, I resigned several times and started my own brand as a result of frustration. I rented a small one room flat and earned money to live by doing freelance job during the days and developed the Nudie Jeans ideas during weekends and nights. Joakim and Joel was together with Melker the first team to start this project and we all had one phone to share, no hot water, but one dream to be independent and to create products with no compromise in terms of quality and respect for both nature and people involved. Thanks God Palle joined us when the phone start calling from the outside, without Palle we might still have been in that small one room flat with no hot water. The first sales meeting we had on the floor together with Christian and Jerker. I will never forget the first meeting with you and the journey we had together. Thank you!

I learned a lot “to be” stubborn, in cases where anyone tried to change the Nudie jeans brand I wanted to shout – “start your own fucking brand” and I did, as well as I made a t-shirt with that print, my colleagues took it out of the collection, but we still have one. If you ever get into the simulate situation like me just say: – thank you I will “start my own fucking idea” and use that frustration for good things instead of loosing your self-respect.

Today I listen to John Grant and the song “ where The Dreams Go To Die” from the album Queen of Denmark.

PS Josh here is the full piqture you requested.


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