The international day for hugging a musician (28th of MAY)

Posted 27 May 2011 in The World of Nudie Jeans

I found a calander with different themes for each day, some international days and some specific ones for Sweden. Days like the “Kanelbullens dag” ( a sort of cinnamon bun – old tradition of Sweden) or “International day against tobacco” or “The Star Wars day”. But there is one sweet day called – “Hug a musician day”! It’s the 28th of May. Tomorrow is the day that Amnesty International celebrate the 50th anniversary, as well. We will continue to support the fight for Human Rights together and on the upcoming new Nudie Jeans website you can soon read about our new project together with Amnesty International.

Why do not start hugging each other today to celebrate human rights and musician in general. It’s strange how we can have passion for sports or jeans – or even fight for human rights but find it so hard to say to each other: I love you!

My first love for Denim goes way back to the 70´s when denim was dry only (unwashed) and the starch was making them stiff as carbon. One of my older sister was living in Stockholm so I was visiting the big city from the small town where I grew up. My experience from La-Paz jeans was far from the new denim culture coming up in Sweden like “Gul och Blå” and “Puss och Kram” (kisses and hugs) but there was a new passion born for me – the smell of pure indigo – in the 70´s, at the same time I guess days like “hugging a musician” could have been founded as well. The time of flower power – even the Swedish king had repaired or patched jeans.

One of the best books ever for denim inspiration is still Karlheinz Weinberger, “Rebel youth” and his first one called “Photos 1954-1995”.

In Sweden we have our denim culture from the “Raggare”. They have existed since the 1950’s and have not changed much since then.

When raggare first appeared, they caused a moral panic in Sweden concerning their (ab)use of alcohol, violence, high-speed driving, and having sex in the back seat! Raggare gangs were seen as a serious problem. Raggare were called “Blackjackets” in english and in Germany they were called: “Die Hemmungslosen”.

This was also a part of my generation and in my school there were a lot of “raggare” and most of them had Lee jeans. We never said “denim jacket”, we just called it a “Lee jacket”. I still think the Lee denim jacket is the very original one!

Many years later i was the Design manager for Lee Jeans Europe: i’m sure it was the love to this brand with its roots coming from the  culture of “raggare”!

Sten Berglind made a interesting book called ”Rebellerna som skakade sverige” Today it is even more relevant to say it, again: ”let’s make love, not war!”

Today I listen to Janis Ian and her song “stars” from the album Stars.

Love, Maria

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