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We are leaders.

We became members of the Fair Wear Foundation ten years ago – in November 2009.

After a thorough investigation of different third-party verification organizations, we landed in the decision of working with Fair Wear Foundation. We investigated different options for third-party verification organizations and landed in the membership of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF). We believed, and still believe that FWF is offering the best methodology to improve working conditions in the supply chain with a robust framework for auditing, training and capacity building. A key element is off-site interviews, close contact with local stakeholders, local audit teams and a step by step approach.

We have always worked with a limited number of suppliers. This is a key factor for succeeding to have a controlled supply chain where we can keep track of the full supply chain, from raw material to ready product.

So, did we make some improvements during the last ten years?

Every year FWF assesses our performance to see if we do what we say we would. And yes, we are ranked in the Leaders category for the sixth year in a row! The brand performance check reports for all brands are public and available at

“The Leader category is for member companies who are doing exceptionally well and are operating at an advanced level. Leaders show best practices in complex areas such as living wages and freedom of association.”

In this year’s performance check, assessing the year 2018 we can read:

“Nudie Jeans takes advanced measures to monitor all production locations, including subcontractors…//…Nudie Jeans has been paying its share of the living wage at two units of an Indian supplier since 2013. In 2016, another supplier in India was added to the living wage project. By the end of 2017, the spinning mill of the first supplier was also included in the project and received the first payout of the brand’s living wage contribution in early 2018. At the end of the year, the brand also retrospectively included the knitting unit and dyeing facility in the program. These efforts make them one of the front runners in the industry under the topic of Living Wage. Nudie Jeans is continuously trying to scale up its efforts by trying to involve other buyers.”

“Nudie Jeans has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. With a monitoring percentage of 96% and a benchmarking score of 79, the brand remains in the ‘Leader’ category for the sixth consecutive year” – Brand Performance check 2019

Looking back over the past ten years, we can say that we have learned a lot- from starting with social auditing, moving on to training at the suppliers, collaborations with other brands, consolidating our supply chain, keeping track of every thread and print and digging in to complex issues like living wages and overtime.

It is a journey that never ends – our commitment to improving working conditions in our supply chain, and the textile industry at large, will last as long as we do.