When Lukas met Nudie Jeans

Posted 11 March 2013 in Backstage

Lukas Harris is our store manager for our concept store in Melbourne. Below is his story about his very first contact with Nudie Jeans and how he and is Finn Thinn went from being separate entities to a unity.

“My love affair started with Nudie jeans back in 2006 before I worked for the company. I purchased one of the first ever Thinn Finns in the infamous dry black denim, from the little Collins St concept store in Melbourne. After seeing my best mate wearing a pair and being a denim lover I wanted to know more about this Swedish denim brand using the best quality denims being made in Italy. I had to have a pair in my collection…

6 years on and my very first pair of thin Finns are still alive and well. These are my most prize possession and if my house was burning down these would be the first thing I would grab before running out.

They have seen plenty of action over the years, from crazy nights out on the town, weekend camping trips, music festivals; I’ve even worn them to the races and tried to pass them off as suite pants. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me into the members stand that day as there were a no jeans allowed policy.

As you can see a lot of wear and tear and TLC has gone into these jeans over the years. I’ve had to repair them 15 times, but each repair and hole tells a story and is special to me in its own way. They are now my “lucky jeans” and only come out on special accessions. 

I’m now the manager at the chapel st concept store in Melbourne and my lover affair with nudie jeans continues, which has taken me all the way too Sweden, Italy and back again. 

What does your first pair of nudies look like? Do they need some tender loving care? Head down to the Chapel St store and book them in for a repair at our repair shop. Be sure to check out our new SS/13 collection that has just arrived and chat to us about your Nudie Jeans experience. “

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and keep doing that great job Lukas!

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