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Nachhaltige Produktion

Wir sehen keinen Gegensatz zwischen Profit und Menschen, oder zwischen Produktion und Umweltverantwortung.

As with most other clothing brands, we do not own the factories in which our clothing is made. However, together with the garment factories with which we collaborate, we bear the responsibility of providing a safe, fair and ethical working environment for everyone involved in the manufacturing of our garments.

At Nudie Jeans we look not only for a good product and high quality at a reasonable price; we also believe in taking greater responsibility for our actions. Our consumers are not just interested in the quality of the products they buy; they also care about the work behind the brand and the social and environmental conditions of its production process. Our membership of the Fair Wear Foundation is a key element ensuring that everyone across the production chain works under fair conditions. Sustainability is just as much about social standards as environmental issues.

We want sustainable and healthy development for people and the environment. Our responsibility is to select the suppliers who can ensure that no one involved in our production – whether supplier or subcontractor – is denied their basic human rights or suffers any injury. Our conscious choice of suppliers is based on long-term relationships and our sourcing policy. Together with our suppliers, we are obliged to provide a safe, fair, and ethical working environment.

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