Hero Sustainability report 2021

Nudie Jeans Sustainability Report 2021

Reflections on 2021 and the future

Hero Sustainability report 2021

Nudie Jeans Sustainability Report 2021

Reflections on 2021 and the future

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Another year with COVID-19 put behind us. The pandemic affected us, our suppliers, and retailers worldwide, but the global setup of the business enabled us to handle any difficulties where and when they presented themselves. And luckily, not all markets were affected simultaneously. New lockdowns affected our stores' opening hours, the repair service, and the sale of second-hand products. Still, we managed to repair 42,500 pairs of Nudie Jeans globally.

During the first year of the pandemic, we realized there were limitations of external input and inspiration reaching us. So in 2021, we turned our creativity inward. This rare opportunity enabled us to develop our own work and processes to create optimal conditions for future challenges. We began drafting our strategy for circularity, like mapping our different material- and reverse logistics flows, plus kick-starting other projects.

One such project resulted in us getting our entire head office ISO 14001:2015 certified, which is essential for building strategic environmental initiatives in our business. Another milestone was the launch of our stores' omnichannel solution. Besides being an excellent service to customers, it means a further positive impact on climate reduction targets as we move forward.

For the third year, we mapped water and CO2 emissions for the entire supply chain. And to cover our total emissions, we invested in carbon offsetting. While on the subject of carbon emissions and water data, we added those to our already transparent product display online.

Our approach to starting well-functioning and scalable pilot projects continues to be a successful strategy, taking the business into the future. With circularity becoming more and more important, we started recycling production seconds at our supplier in Tunisia and used the fabric for new products. Every Nudie Jeans collection already contains a high percentage of sustainable products, but we are not in the business of settling for "good." On the social side of sustainability, we expanded our Living wage program and now pay living wages to all four Indian suppliers and one Turkish supplier.

We are proud to see the organization's efforts to take on new challenges and tasks transforming more and more of our core processes. And by keeping our practical approach to sustainability, we take further steps to maintain our leading position in the denim industry. In the coming years, our focus will be on adapting the business model to circularity in every process we work with, thus building a strong, sustainable denim company. While the pandemic kept affecting us, we seized the opportunity to further incorporate sustainability into our core practices.  

The Nudie Jeans Sustainability department, Kevin Gelsi, Sustainability Coordinator, Eliina Brinkberg, Environmental Manager and Sandya Lang, Sustainability Manager.

/ The Nudie Jeans Sustainability department, Kevin Gelsi, Sustainability Coordinator, Eliina Brinkberg, Environmental Manager, and Sandya Lang, Sustainability Manager.

Highlights 2021

Free repairs forever

In 2021 we repaired 42,500 jeans.

Climate control

We mapped all our emissions and water data from our full supply chain in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for the third year in a row. We have also offset our business' full emissions through the UN Carbon Offset Platform.

Certified only

When we use virgin cotton, we are proud to say that we only work with certified organic cotton.


We started our biggest recycling project in Tunisia so far in collaboration with UNIDO.

Leaders – again

We were ranked as FWF leaders — for the 8th year in a row.


We had 98% of our supply chain under monitoring.

Create material change

Textile Exchange — We were placed in the Leading category in the Textile Exchange Material Change Index.

ISO Certified

Our Head Office became ISO14001:2015 certified to improve our environmental management system.

Highest level of transparency

We reached a new level of Product transparency — showing all tiers of the supply chain including CO2 emission and water use.

98.2% sustainable products

According to our Sustainable Material Tool, we define a garment or accessory as sustainable when it contains at least of 70% sustainable fibers.

We also...

...reported to the Higgs BRM for the second year.

45,900 repaired Nudie Jeans in 2020.

In 2021 we repaired 42,500 jeans.

We reached a NPS of 76.6

2021 customer reviews

"I love everything about the brand. The styles, quality, brand DNA, the strategy, and sustainable approach!"

"The best thing isn't the price, it's the quality + the fact that you guys make stylish jeans in an ETHICAL + sustainable way!! Love love love it!!"

"It's all about the transparency and commitment to sustainability! Brilliant."

"The ethical & sustainable values within the brand. Excellent repair service offered!"

"Your sustainability and fair work practices are transparent and admirable. The product is super comfortable and seems high quality. I'm proud to purchase these jeans, knowing my money is also contributing to the livelihood of those skilled garment workers who produced them."