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A pile of Nudie Jeans, higher than the worlds tallest building?

Yep, you read that correctly.

Those 55,173 pairs of jeans that we repaired in 2018 – and ultimately saved from going to waste – would make a pile higher than the world’s tallest building.

All jeans have been repaired by the skilled staff at our Repair Shops, Repair Partners and with the Mobile Repair Station tour that continues to travel around the globe.

We don’t call our stores “Repair Shops” for nothing. Repairs are just as important to us as selling jeans we originally sold you. Wash your jeans and hand them in at your closest Nudie Jeans Repair Shop (or catch the Mobile Repair Station when it’s near you). When they’re done you have a new version of your old favourite. Everyone who repairs a pair of jeans is doing something good for themselves and our planet.

How you get free repairs:

1. Buy a pair of Nudie Jeans

2. Wear them a lot

3. Get a rip

4. Wash them in 40°C

5. Hand them in at any of our Repair Shops or Repair Partners or Catch the Mobile Repair Station on tour or Order a free of charge Repair Kit.