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Ay, captain! I broke me denim in on the high seas.

Love is a jack of many trades. On his resumé you’ll find titles such as filmmaker, substitute teacher, biker, and sailor. Lately he’s back at the university, studying to become an artist.

These Steady Eddies have been worn for two years, and has been washed a few times. Years of hard work pays off, but you know, every break-in project starts with a set of drys.

– LETTING GO OF THESE JEANS IS IMPOSSIBLE. They’ve been ripped and torn to the extent that I can no longer remember the stories about the bruises and scars. And the repairs are the evidence of the love I feel for them. Many repairs are done by yours truly, and some are done by Nudie Jeans repair wizards.

– I’ve wore them when I sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, when riding my bike, being a teacher. I guess what we learn from this, is that living, being passionate about everything you do, is the best way to break in you jeans.


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