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Re-use with Björkåfrihet

We would like to say thank you to Björkåfrihet who has helped us gather Nudie Jeans that we can give new life to through our Repair Service. We have been working in collaboration with Björkåfrihet to be able to reclaim broke down Nudie Jeans for reparation and restoration. Björkafrihet collects those jeans that are not able to be sold (due to condition e.g. holes, rips, and tears) so these can be repaired by our denim experts for future Re-Use online drops.

“So much of the goods sold on todays market are of such poor quality that they cannot be reused, so we feel it is extra fun to partner with a company like Nudie Jeans that is actively working to extend the life of what has already been produced” states a representative of Björkåfrihet.

Björkåfrihet works primarily with the re-utilization of garments through actively working to reuse all textile materials that have already been produced. This has allowed us to add make more Re-use available including the latest Re-use online drop (#9).

Björkåfrihet (earlier known as Emmaus Björkå) is a non-profit second hand-organization that works with international solidarity, social responsibility, and sustainable development and we’ve always admired their work.