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Curated by Alec Leach (Future Dust)

Today we welcome Alec Leach to the Nudie Jeans ‘Curated By’ playlist series.

Alec is the founder of Future Dust, a platform dedicated to showcasing responsible fashion — @future_dust shares both information and inspiration. Significantly the platform can also lift other pressing issues within the fashion industry that help educate followers on what goes on behind the scenes.

But that’s not all; @future_dust is a place where you might find your new favorite vintage t-shirt dealer or your next eco-friendly fit. All the while, followers can learn more about the production process, fabrics, and keeping brands and designers accountable.

As for the music in this playlist:

“I put a load of heavy stuff that makes me feel good without being too full on because the world is intense enough as it is right now—immersive, heavy music to wash the dishes to.”

Thank you, Alec!