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Curated by Donny Benét


This is Curated by Donny Benét.

But first, a quick back story to how all this came about (if you don’t mind?):

Are you familiar with that feeling of discovering a band or perhaps your new favourite artist through a live show? You know, it’s the first time you see them live, perhaps the first time you’ve ever heard of them and you’re like “Whoa, why hasn’t anyone told me about this band!?”.
Or maybe you might have heard a song or been tipped off on an artist but you’ve never really had the opportunity to explore their catalogue before seeing them live?

We know the Nudie Jeans fans and followers out there have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to new music, we’re not suggesting you might not ever heard Donny Benét. For us, once we had seen Donny perform live recently, our lives were changed, for the better.

Donny was introduced to us via his friends in the Sydney based experimental band PVT (formerly known as Pivot) as they toured their opus ‘O Soundtrack My Heart‘ throughout Europe. They played Stockholm on that tour and our community manager Kaine, was the DJ booked when Richard in PVT passed on some Donny Benét demo’s (suggesting to slot a track or two in the evening’s dancefloor set). Fast forward 10 years and we end up in a Gothenburg basement witnessing Donny Benét absolutely slaying through his live show to a room packed with sweaty fans and dancers. It was one of those memorable nights you just don’t forget too quickly.

This is how discovered the genius of Donny Benét. Now it’s your turn.

When we asked Donny about the exquisite selection he put together for this episode of Curated By he went on to explain;

We played a real nice bunch of shows up in Scandinavia and naturally spent a lot of time on the train.
 Snow. Solitude. 
Hours of it. 
One thing I love about touring and catching the long trains is the nice weird zone you get into with music.
 This playlist reflects my time on the rails and enjoying some old favourites whilst discovering new tastes. Please take this cool winter taste into summer. — Don 

You can listen and the follow the playlist here or just press play below.

Cheers, Don!