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Curated by Maria Falbo

On the eve of summer 2019 we are delighted to share the next edition of Curated By with you.

Please meet Maria Falbo, founder and visionary behind lifestyle brand Copson. We asked Maria to help us get the summer started and so much summer in one playlist we couldn’t dream of. The result is a sun-kissed, laid back selection that traverses genres whilst using the same palette, that is now available on the Nudie Jeans Spotify channel.

When you live in Scandinavia you can often find yourself on a search for anything that brings light, warmth and inspiration during the non-summer months. For some, the search is continuous and music can be pivotal. Locking in on an album, DJ mix or playlist with that sun-drenched ambiance is easy escapism.

We’ll let you get right to it. Pack your beach bag and if you are lucky enough to find a spot in the shade of a palm, gumtree or pine depending on where you are in the world right now – or, if you are on the daily commute the feeling will be all the same with Curated by Maria Falbo.

Sunny vibes from morning coffee to dinner time dance.

Just press play, you’re in for a treat.

Thank you, Maria!