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Curated by The Bronx

If you’ve ever heard The Bronx you already know that they are a force to be reckoned with. For those who have not (yet) heard the LA-based quintet, let us break it down quick; they are one of the fiercest and funnest punk bands on the face of the planet and deliver a live show that is second to none.

Curated by The Bronx is a playlist that showcases big melodies alongside guitar driven, high energy hits – but don’t get us wrong – there are some epic downtime moments in there too. This playlist is stacked to the rafters with 30 tracks stretching over 1 hour and 29mins that’ll knock your socks off. I did (as we always do) give it a test run here at HQ and from what I noticed the productivity increased ten-folds on the 3rd floor – so it does the trick – so to speak.

Curated by The Bronx is now live on the official Nudie Jeans Spotify

Big thanks to Matt and co. for sharing these secrets with us.



Photo courtesy of The Bronx