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Denim Voices on Nudie Jeans 100% Organic

We asked around what it means that we now have become 100% organic. Here are some of the answers we got.
If you have some questions for us or want to share information don’t hesitate to contact us.
“Organically sourced yarns are essential for a modern Denim brand, and fair trade absolutely has to go hand in hand with it. The Nudie style is always modern, and not an outdated “eco-look”. The price for the products is reasonable, and the consumer appreciates this. The labeling tells the truth, there is no bogus claim, everything is verifiable for the consumer. The Nudie motto should be to do good and talk about it even more. Since this season, we only sell organic jeans from Nudie, and our clients specifically ask for them. Nudie has built up a really good reputation here. In my view, Nudie Jeans Co. enjoys the necessary credibility from the consumer side. We really appreciate your efforts. Good Luck for the future!”

/ Karl-Heinz Müller Owner of 14oz in Berlin and the Bread and butter trade show

“It’s interesting, prior to the global economic crisis the environment was high on everyone’s agenda. It seems the globe’s economy has pushed the environment to the back page. Well done Nudie for not letting commerce get in the way of a brighter future”

/ Craig King, CEO, General Pants Group Australia

“This has been the objective of Maria Erixon taking the driver seat of Nudie Jeans design from the start, I am glad to hear that the time has come and curious to see how this approach will influence the denim industry and other players that will follow suit.”

/ Leslie Lim, Owner/Director, The Denim Store by Queens Couture, Singapore
“I think it is really exciting that following 10 years of development Nudie have achieved their goal of producing a 100% organic collection. This is not only great news for the environment but also for fashion. Nudie prove that ethical can be cool!”

/ Stephen Ayres Liberty Head of Fashion – Buying Men’s, Ladies and Children’s

“It is refreshing to see a clothing company taking a lead in doing something good about the environment. Nudies initiative to make all their collection organic, speaks volume about the company and its philosophy. That’s why at Mildblend, we love Nudie Jeans”.

/ Luke Cho, Mildblend Supply Co.
“ Nudie Jeans is one of the very less Denim Brands who trustable communicate themes such as Organic and Fairtrade what is also a fix component of their honest Philosophy. We highly believe that people who wear clothes from this type Brands who consequently and credible live this will be the “cool” ones in Future”

/ Stefan Crämer, Buyer Crämer & C
“ It’s impressive that a company the size of Nudie is committed to driving a project like this. It shows the industry you can be successful and ethical without having to compromise any aesthetics”

/ Mithun Ramanandi, Buyer Selfridges

“In this very competitive market the end consumer is dedicating how they spend their money, they are very aware of issues related to manufacturing, the impact on the enviroment and sustainability. Nudie’s business model has always strived to be a 100% organic company; the realization of the mission is truly commendable.

/ Wanda R. Colon, Vice President, DMM,Men’s Coop, Barneys New York