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Gothenburg good times with Little Jinder

Anyone who is a reader of this Journal knows that we like to throw a party every now and then. We have a club night called Hosted By, in which we host bands, artists, DJ’s to a venue, open the doors (yes, free entry) and send out an open invite to the Nudie Jeans community to join us.

Gothenburg is not only home to Pustervik, one of the most frequented music halls but also Way Out West, a festival spanning 3 days, bringing bands and fans from all over the world to Slottskogen (Gothenburg’s version of Central Park, NYC). With high summer in full swing, we wanted to throw a festival pre-party, open the doors to Pustervik once again and throw down with Little Jinder. For those not yet familiar, Little Jinder is the Swedish producer, songwriter and pop-phenomenon who has a well established track record for owning every stage she has ever comes in contact with. We were in awe. So were the 800+ in attendance. For those who weren’t able to make it – here’s what went down.



Photographer: Rebecka Bjurmell