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Hi my name is Maria, I’m the creative director of Nudie jeans, designer and the founder of the brand. Together with joakim and palle we built this company based in Gothenburg Sweden. I’m proud of our team and especially of Melker who been working with us and me especially since the beginning of this journey in 2001. Melker is the better half of me at work, he is the sort of guy that you can rely on and has been my harder critics in terms of graphic design and texts over all these years. Today he got his first son and he will be on paternity leave the first two weeks and I take the chance of hijacking the blog. First of all congratulation to Melker and wish me good luck for being your blog ghost meanwhile. I will tell you more personal things regarding Nudie, some stories and a few secrets and present the team behind our brand that makes me and us proud. My English is like swinglish-google..But with love and respect for you who work with us and like our brand worldwide. As I might be to personal you better see this 14 days as exceptions from our normal nudieblog and not always as representative of the whole brand. I will share with you our daily work and some personal things I like, if this works out maybe some other more handsome guys from the nudieteam will follow with more personal stories of our nudie-denim-planet.

This week many people celebrated the Buddhism and one of the things he said was that all people are connected with each other. Today we are more connected than any other era in our history, but even though we can talk to each other or spread our feelings by mobile phones, Internet and all sorts of media I think we lost the soul part of being connected. We meet our love on Internet, break up on Facebook or create misunderstandings on sms. In meetings at work or in private dinners the phones gets more attention than the meeting in real life.

I must admit that it feels like going on stage to be on blog, you spontaneously liked the idea but finally when its time you get shy, as you cannot see the audience. Hope to see you later

Today I listen to big star and the song blue moon from the album “keep an eye on the sky”