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How many pairs of jeans did we repair in 2018?


When we introduced the concept of repairing your jeans, it meant a big piece of the puzzle was now in place for our mission to become as sustainable as possible. Every year since we established this service we have repaired more jeans than the previous year and 2018 was no exception.
In 2013, we launched our Repair Shop concept and decided that every pair of Nudie Jeans, no matter where you buy them, comes with a promise of free repairs. The purpose had a higher meaning other than that of the obvious – to mend those favorite jeans of yours – it was a fundamental piece of the Nudie Jeans philosophy coming to life. With our repair-program we could now prolong and give denim new life, much like a second coming and at the same time show how your jeans have registered your lifestyle as you continue the journey.
In 2018 we repaired 55,173 pairs of jeans.
That an increase of 12% up on 2017. If each person who repaired their jeans with us had decided to buy a new pair instead, the production of these jeans would demand 386,000 tons of water. That amount of water would fill 154 Olympic swimming pools.
We just want to thank you for bringing in your jeans to our Repair Shops and for ordering the Repair kits online, it really means a lot to us. In 2019 we have big plans on how to reach out to more people with our repair service and increase the number of jeans we repair higher by the year.
This is how we show that repairing is caring.


Photo: Nudie Jeans Vallgatan, Gothenburg – Sweden