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How we up-cycle at Nudie Jeans

The journey of a pair of jeans can take many turns. We often say that it all starts with a pair of drys, but where does it end?

To be even more accurate, it all begins with the cotton fiber and that’s where it should end as well. To take responsibility in every step of our value chain, we strive to gain as much of the natural resources we use as possible. By repairing our own jeans (yes, we offer you free repairs for life), reselling pre-loved denim in the Re-use selection both instore and online and in the end recycling worn out denim. This how we extract the most out of each jean and make sure those cotton fibers are put back into the loop again.

Our fibers take another pit stop on road towards their end destination at the up-cycle station, where fabric is reused in its current state for the production of new products. The denim used for our up-cycled garments is hand picked among our collected Re-use jeans by Nudie Jeans product developers. This is a great way for us to responsibly slow down the journey of the fabric and letting it enjoy the ride a little longer before the last stop. With some creativity and handy work, up-cycling garments can be done by anyone. This is our way to get the balance right, and one way to take care of our own.